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Maui Wildfires Situation Report #2


· There are three fires still actively burning on Maui, these include:

o Lahaina Fire: 750 acres with 85% containment

o Upcountry Fire: 2,000 acres with 50% containment

o Pulehu Fire: 2,000 acres with 80% containment

· There are now 67 fatalities. The American Red Cross has set up a phone # (1-844-782-9441) and the Safe and Well Website to report missing family members and loved ones.

· A total of 8,250 people remain under mandatory evacuation orders.

· The American Red Cross is reporting that seven shelters are open (6 on Maui and 1 on Oahu). These shelters have on average a 2,100 overnight population.

· World Central Kitchen has begun working with local restaurants and a community college to deliver hot meals, fruits and vegetables and sandwiches to residents and first responders in Lahaina.

· The Civil Air Patrol is conducting aerial assessments. A minimum of 1,692 structures has likely been destroyed.

· On August 10th, the Pacific Disaster Center released a fire exposure estimate for Lahaina:

o A minimum of 1,285 structures were exposed.

o At least $5.5 Billion in capital has been exposed.

o The potential needs of residents and tourists are:

ü At least 4,500 people will require sheltering assistance.

ü This population will likely need 3,560 gallons of water per day and 9,000 Meals Ready to Eat per day.

· Maui County has activated their Community Emergency Response Teams to assist in response and recovery efforts.

· Telecommunication Update:

o Landline and cell communications, including 9-1-1 service in northwest Maui are unavailable due to damage to the fiber optic cables.

o There are two Cells on Wheels that have been deployed.

o With additional cellular phone service becoming available in West Maui, residents and tourists are reminded to text instead of making phone calls.

· Transportation and Infrastructure Update:

o Lahaina Harbor has been destroyed.

o Kahului Harbor remains operational. The Hawaii Department of Transportation reports that there are no cruise ship operations scheduled for Kahului Harbor.

o The County of Maui Department of Water Supply is issuing an unsafe water alert for areas of Upper Kula and Lahaina affected by wildfires. As a precaution, customers in those areas are advised not to drink and not to boil their water.

· Power Restoration Update:

o Hawaii Electric has deployed 300 employees and contractors across five islands to Maui to assist in damage assessment and restoration efforts.

o At least 70 customers in Upcountry remain without power.

o Power restoration in West Maui will likely take weeks to accomplish.

o Additional aerial damage assessments are being conducted in West Maui. Restoration in this area will first focus on essential public services and facilities serving first responders and emergency response efforts in the areas of the Lahaina Civic Center, Mahinahina, Napili, and Kapalua.

· The State Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is now fully activated.

· Federal Response Update:

o A Small Business Administration Disaster Declaration has been authorized for residents and businesses in Maui.

o Additional Federal Emergency Support Functions have been deployed to support the FEMA Incident Management Team (IMAT) already deployed.

o Two Federal Coordinating Officers have been deployed to Maui and Oahu.

o The Region 7 IMAT has been deployed.

o An Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Incident Support Team and two Type 3 USAR task forces (WATF1 & NVTF1) are being deployed.

· Cultural Heritage Update:

o The Haleakalā National Park’s Summit and Kīpahulu are closed until at least August 14th.

o The Baldwin Home Museum, the Wo Hing Museum, the Lahaina Heritage Museum, and the Na ‘Aikane o Maui Cultural Center were badly damaged in the wildfires. The Lahaina Restoration Foundation has established a fundraising campaign to aid in their recovery efforts.


· FEMA Daily Operations Briefing, August 11th

· FEMA Region 9 Twitter Page

· Governor Josh Green Twitter Page

· Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Twitter Page

· Hawaii Department of Transportation Twitter Page

· Maui County Twitter Page

· Maui Emergency Management Agency Twitter Page

· Pacific Disaster Center Twitter Page

· Hawaii Red Cross Twitter Page

· Hawaiian Electric - Maui County Twitter Page

· Haleakalā National Park Facebook Page

· USCBS Statement on the Wildfires in Maui

· World Central Kitchen Twitter Page


FEMA, Hawaii Wildfires

NIFC Fire Information for Resource Management System

Maui Information Guide, Wildfire Updates

Monetary Donations:

· Council of Native Hawaiian Advancement, Kako’o Maui(New)

· Salvation Army, Hawaii(New)

· Hawaiʻi Community Foundation, Maui Strong Fund

· Center for Disaster Philanthropy, Hawaii Wildfires Recovery Fund

Maui Wildfires Situation Report #2
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