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Hamas attack on Israel Situation Report #11

Military and Diplomatic Highlights: · On October 30th, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) began a significant ground operation in the Gaza Strip. · The IDF reported that they killed Ibrahim Biari, who was the Commander of Hamas' Central Jabaliya Battalion. The strike also damaged a Hamas’ command and control center. · IDF attacked a Hamas terrorist stronghold in Jabaliya. This was a training base, and 50 Hamas terrorist were also killed. · The U.S. Department of Defense reported that it has continued to increase U.S. military presence in the region: o Additional defense systems to counter threats from drones and rockets are being deployed to the U.S. Central Command area of operations. o On October 31st, an additional 300 troops that have expertise in explosive ordnance disposal, communications and other support functions are being deployed. Civil Protection and Humanitarian Assistance Highlights: Israel · Rockets are still being launched at Israel, the latest barrage targeted Tel Aviv and Central Israel. · On October 31st. Magen David Adom treated one person with minor injuries from shrapnel. · The United Hatzalah on October 30th treated one person in Jerusalem after sustaining an injury running to the nearest bomb shelter. Gaza Strip · The Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) reported that there have been 2,850 fatalities and 7,667 people injured. · As of October 30th, more than 1.4 million Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), with nearly 672,000 sheltering in 150 UN Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) facilities: o The average number of IDPs per shelter is over three times their intended capacity. · On October 30th, a total of 26 trucks carrying humanitarian supplies entered Gaza through the Rafah border crossing with Egypt: o While the increase in the volume of aid entering Gaza during the past two days is welcome, current amounts are a fraction of what is needed to prevent further deterioration in the humanitarian situation. o The WFP reported that there is a need for a minimum of 100 trucks per day carrying relief supplies. · The UNRWA staff are exhausted, overwhelmed, and displaced but they have continued to provide critical services. · Healthcare and Public Health Update: o All 13 hospitals that are still operational in Northern Gaza have received repeated Israeli evacuation orders in recent days. These hospitals are currently sheltering 117,000 IDPs. o The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) is alarmed of the continued calls to immediately evacuate the PRCS Al-Quds Hospital: ü This hospital currently is housing 14,000 IDPs. · World Food Programme (WFP) Update: o The WFP reports that they have re-established communications with their staff and partners operating in Gaza. o The WFP has provided vital food and cash assistance to 630,000 people in shelters and communities across Gaza and the West Bank. o Only one WFP bakery is currently operational. · Water supply from Israel to southern Gaza came to a halt on October 30th for unknown reasons, while the announced repair of another pipeline from Israel to the Middle Area, ahead of its reactivation, did not take place: o This follows several days of gradual improvement of water supply in central and southern Gaza following the distribution of limited amounts of fuel available in Gaza to key water facilities, enabling their reactivation. o Currently, there is no water being provided to Gaza from Israel. Violations of International Humanitarian Law (IHL): · A total of 238 people (Israelis and foreign nationals) is still being held by Hamas: o On October 30th, Israeli forces rescued Private Ori Megidish who was taken hostage on October 7th. · As of October 31st, 67 UNRWA personnel have been killed. · The World Health Organization (WHO) has documented 200 attacks on healthcare. These attacks have killed 494 people and 16 healthcare workers. · The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on October 30th, reiterated the following: o Civilians must be protected, and parties must ensure basic needs, food, and water. o Hospitals must be protected. o Schools, homes, religious sites, and cultural heritage are not a target. · The American Red Cross sent a letter to the PRCS reiterated calls for safe medical transportation and the protection of health workers and healthcare facilities according to IHL. · The PRCS reported that on October 30th a fifth ambulance is now out of service due to the conflict. · A PRCS warehouse in Gaza City suffered severe damage and is no longer operational due to shelling and air strikes in the surrounding area. Dis-Information Highlights: · A decades old video is being shared on social media that shows student protesters in Egypt, not Palestinians pretending to be dead. · A video on TikTok is being used to spread mis-information that Russia has attacked Israel. The video is of an Indian frigate test launching a cruise missile. Sources:

· Hostilities in the Gaza Strip and Israel | Flash Update #24 · UNRWA Situation Report #18 on the situation in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem (all information valid as of 30 October 2023 at 18:00 local time) · WFP Palestine Emergency Response External Situation Report #6 (31 October 2023) · Israeli Defense Forces Twitter Page · Magen David Adom Twitter Page · United Hatzalah Twitter Page · UN Agency for Palestine Refugees Twitter Page · OCHA Occupied Territories Twitter Page · WHO Occupied Territories Twitter Page · ICRC Twitter Page · Palestine Red Crescent Society Twitter Page · U.S. Department of Defense Twitter Page · PolitiFact Twitter Page · PolyGraph Info Twitter Page

Resources GSC OpT Gaza Strip - Northern Gaza Damage Affected Areas (27 October 2023) (New) oPt West Bank 4W: Health Cluster Partners by Governorate (as of October 2023) (New) ADL, We Stand with Israel Website Monetary Donations: Before you donate please review the organization’s track record by using CharityWatch and Charity Navigator.

Hamas attack on Israel Situation Report #11
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