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Global Crisis Management Report

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The emergency management profession is designed to establish and build connections with other communities, partners, and disciplines.  The Global Crisis Management Report builds on this principle and advocates that by sharing information with various partners and disciplines around the world we can be better prepared for present and future crises.

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The Global Crisis Management Report shares information on the following disciplines and topics:

  • Emergency Management, Civil Protection and Preparedness

  • Homeland Security

  • Criminal Intelligence

  • U.S. National Security and Defense

  • School and University Safety, Security and Emergency Management

  • Access and Functional Needs

  • Natural and Technological Hazards

  • Disaster Risk Reduction

  • Emergency Communications

  • First Responders (Police, Fire, EMS, Criminal Justice, Search and Rescue)

  • Global Affairs and Security

  • Atrocity Crimes

  • Human Rights

  • Humanitarian Affairs

  • International Development

  • Immigration, Refugees and Migration

  • Climate Change

  • Sustainability and Resiliency

  • Public Health and Healthcare

  • Cultural Heritage Preparedness and Protection

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Social Media Page Rules

The Global Crisis Management Report’s has enacted the following rules that applies to all the social media pages.  These rules are meant to allow a healthy discourse on the topics and disciplines covered. 

  1. Personal attacks on individuals, organizations or agencies are counter-productive and unprofessional, they are not tolerated.

  2. No one can advertise their business’ services or products on the social media pages.

  3. The sharing of conspiracy theories, derogatory statements about minorities or general hate-filled messages are not permitted.

  4. The promoting of violent acts against individuals, groups or organizations are not permitted.

The penalty for violating these rules is at the discretion of the Global Crisis Management Report’s Editor.  These penalties may simply be a warning or may require the individual to be banned from the page in question. 


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If you have a news article, report or resources you wish to share with the editor of the Global Crisis Management Report you can e-mail it to him at:  If the information you send him is from a legitimate news outlet and/or organization it will be added to either the weekly publication or the social media pages at the discretion of the editor. 


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The Global Crisis Management Report was created and is currently managed by Steve Detwiler.  Mr. Detwiler has been a local and Federal emergency manager in the United States for over 20 years. 


This publication was first created in 2000 as a simple e-mail message to share news and resources with a select group of colleagues.  In 2005 it was distributed mainly through e-mail under the name Emergency Manager’s Weekly Report.  The first use of social media pages to spread the information it contains began in 2011.  In 2022 the Emergency Manager’s Weekly Report was renamed the Global Crisis Management Report.  This name change was made to better reflect the topics and professions already being covered and to highlight that crises rarely observe lines on a map. 

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