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Webinar Updates (Sept 18-22)

Storm Damage Recovery - Navigating the Insurance Process Webinar, Sept 18

A “Red-Pen Response” to Antisemitism: How Should We Contend with Antisemites in Literature, Online, and Beyond Webinar, Sept 18

The Implementation of the SDGs in Higher Education Webinar, Sept 18

Expand Your SWOT Analysis to Include Inclusion and Equity: Make it a SWOTIE Webinar, Sept 19

Running Dry: Exploring the Water Crisis in Syria Webcast, Sept 19

Get Prepared with the Region 2 Preparedness Team Webinar, Sept 19

Naloxone (Narcan) Training Webinar, Sept 19

How Locally Led Organizations are Funding Their Futures Webcast, Sept 19

It's Not Your Everyday Call Webinar, Sept 19

How Evidence Can Improve Urban Health Emergency Preparedness Webinar, Sept 19

Mass Shootings in Schools: Lessons from Tragedy and Opportunities for Prevention and Response Webinar, Sept 19

Ask an Expert: Applying for a Community Wildfire Defense Grant in Nevada Webinar, Sept 19

A Second Charter: Imagining a Renewed United Nations Webinar, Sept 19

CISA Active Shooter Preparedness Webinar, Sept 19

National Advisory Committee on Seniors and Disasters and National Advisory Committee on Individuals with Disabilities and Disasters Virtual Meeting, Sept 19

Linking Mechanisms to Soil Functions to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals Webinar, Sept 19

National Preparedness Month - Disability and Access and Functional Needs Webinar, Sept 19

Lessons from the Field - Miniseries on Supporting Students’ Social, Emotional, Behavioral, and Academic Well-Being and Success Webinar, Sept 20

PPE A to Z: Decoding Masks Webinar, Sept 20

Innovations in Integrated Water Management: A Nebraska Case Study Webinar, Sept 20

CISA's Introduction to Bomb Threat Management Webinar, Sept 20

CISA Active Shooter Preparedness Webinar, Sept 20

Time to Adapt Webcast, Sept 20

FP Health Forum at the UN General Assembly Webcast, Sept 20

The Arctic: Our plant on Thin Ice Webinar, Sept 20

Food+ @ UNGA78 Webcast, Sept 20

Crisis Management and Human Factors – How HF can support Crisis Management Webinar, Sept 20

Promoting local leadership in NGO consortia: An online workshop, Sept 20

Frontiers Planet Prize Virtual Information Session, Sept 20

Expanding Mitigation: Making the Connection to Older Adults Webinar, Sept 20

Examples of Localized Flood Risk Reduction Projects Webinar, Sept 20

Emergency Telecommunications Cluster Operations Course, deadline to apply is Sept 20

Exploring the Hazard Mitigation Planning Process Webinar, Sept 20

ACF Post-Disaster Housing Assistance Webinar, Sept 20

BLM Fire Hiring Webinar, Sept 20

EMAP Standards Breakdown: Chapter 4.4-4.5- Continuity and Operational Planning Webinar, Sept 20

Providing Clarity on the New Hazard Mitigation Planning Guidance Webinar, Sept 20

FP Tech Forum @ UNGA78 Webcast, Sept 21

Negotiating Mid to Long Term Recovery Webinar, Sept 21

Artificial Intelligence for Firefighter Recruitment and Retention Webinar, Sept 21

Recognising Refugees: Practices and Modes of Recognition Webinar, Sept 21

Negotiating Mid to Long Term Recovery Webinar, Sept 21

Changing Climate: Mitigation and Insurers' Role in the Energy Transition Webinar, Sept 21

FP Energy Forum @ UNGA78 Webcast, Sept 21

Policies, Procedures, and Dangerous Plumes: Lessons Learned From a Mixed-Hazardous Waste Tabletop Exercise Webinar, Sept 21

CISA's Faith-Based Tabletop Exercise Packages Virtual Workshop, Sept 21

Semi-Annual National Virtual Call for FY 2023 NEHRP Grant Award Recipients of the Individual State Earthquake Assistance Program and Multi-State and National Earthquake Assistance Program, Sept 21

Working Well When the Pressure's On: Preventing Burnout and Protecting Wellbeing Webinar, Sept 21

How emerging technology will impact law enforcement operations Webinar, Sept 21

Digital Front Lines Webcast, Sept 21

Culturally Driven Strategies: Tailoring Health Communications to Build Understanding and Trust Webinar, Sept 21

Live Taping of Global Reboot Webcast, Sept 21

The Threat of Hawaii Wildfires: A Virtual Panel Discussion, Sept 22

Becoming an Organizational Leader: What It’s Like to Direct a Hazards and Disaster Research Center Webinar, Sept 22

Hiding In Plain Sight – The Transnational Right-Wing Extremist Active Club Network Webinar, Sept 22

Webinar Update- 9-18-23
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