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Webinar Updates (Nov 20-24)

Lessons from the Itaewon Crowd Crush Disaster - One Year Ago Webinar, Nov 20

Building flood resilience through community engagement in Canada Webinar, Nov 21

How Smart Responders Use Situational Awareness to Improve Safety Webinar, Nov 21

Innovative Funding Strategies for Emergency Medical Services Webinar, Nov 21

Principles of culturally safe research practices Webinar, Nov 21

Escalating Israeli Violence & Extremism in the West Bank & East Jerusalem Webinar, Nov 21

Reality check: Do the UN's false climate neutrality claims matter in the fight against climate change Webinar, Nov 21

The use of chatbots for non-emergency medical services in Lower Austria Webinar, Nov 21

Planning Considerations for Cyber Incidents Webinar, Nov 21

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Centers Webinar, Nov 21

Empower your local communities: Participatory Urban Forest Design and Management Webinar, Nov 22

Strengthening Disaster and Climate Change Finance - Budget Tagging for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation Virtual Training Course, Nov 22

MENA Region Perspectives on Localization Webinar, Nov 22

Information Technology with an Ethic: ICT Professionals supporting Humanitarian Action Webinar, Nov 22

A Himalayan Rivalry and the Future of India-China Relations Webinar, Nov 22

Northern Ivory Coast: how to eradicate the jihadist threat Webinar, Nov 23

Impact-Based Forecasting in Humanitarian Operations Webinar, Nov 23

Introduction to the Protection of Cultural Venues Virtual Training Course, Nov 23

Enhancing Responses to Survivors & Perpetrators of Strangulation in IPV Webinar, Nov 23

Protection and Restoration: How to maintain and improve your urban forest Webinar, Nov 24

Webinar Update- 11-20-23
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