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Webinar Updates (March 25-29)

Webinar Update- 03-25-24
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Protection of the Right to Education in East DRC Webinar, March 25


Continuing Care Amid Crisis: An Update on Our Work in Haiti Webinar, March 25


From Policy to Practice: Case Studies in Resilience and Public Warning Webinar, March 25


Open-Source Security and Generative AI: Navigating Concerns While Enhancing Development Webinar, March 25


The Israel-Egypt Peace Agreement 45 Years On: Where Do Relations Stand in the Wake of the Gaza War Webinar, March 26


Updates to FEMAs Individual Assistance Program Webinar, March 26


K-12 School Safety Funding Opportunities Webinar, March 26





Generative AI’s Counterterrorism Challenge and Opportunity Webinar, March 26


From research to practice, developing a child-centred approach to bushfire education Webinar, March 26


Elevating Dam Safety Through Hazard Mitigation Planning Webinar, March 27


Inside EMS LIVE! Eat smart, respond strong: Nutrition insights for first responders Webinar, March 27


Planning Your Incident After-Action Review Webinar, March 27


Animal Sheltering During Disasters Webinar, March 27


Trends and developments in narratives and recruitment techniques online Webinar, March 27


Elevating Dam Safety Through Hazard Mitigation Planning Webinar, March 27


Volcanoes! How fiery forces from deep inside the planet shape our world Webinar, March 27


ERP Implementation Research Findings and Taking Action as a Community Webinar, March 27


Overview of dPlan|ArtsReady Webinar, March 27


The IMRF #FutureSAR Guidance Webinar, March 27


NOAA Resources to Help Coastal Communities Understand Flood Risk Webinar, March 27


Pediatric Pandemic Network Children with Medical Complexity/Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs Virtual Town Hall, March 27


Assessment Team Leader versus EMAP Staff Liaison: Roles and Responsibilities Webinar, March 27


Effectiveness of Exposure Mitigation Strategies for Fire Investigators Webinar, March 27


Tribes and Fire: Rebuilding Connections with Communities, Fire, and the Land Webinar, March 28


Getting Started with the dPlan|ArtsReady Tool Webinar, March 28


Turkey’s Municipal Elections: What’s at Stake for the Country’s Democracy Webinar, March 28


NIJ FY 2024 Evaluating Strategies to Advance the Implementation of Evidence-Based Policies and Practices Webinar, March 28


Health Equity Science and Data for Action Webinar, March 28


Increasing Large Wildfires in the Eastern United States Webinar, March 28


What can nanotechnologies do to combat the illicit trafficking of antiquities Webinar, March 28


Intro to the Americans with Disabilities Act Webinar, March 28


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