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Webinar Updates (June 3-7)

Webinar Update- 06-3-24
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Strategic Landpower Dialogue: A Conversation with GEN James Rainey Webcast, June 3


Anticipatory Action in 2023 - a Global Overview Webinar, June 4


Engaging Faith-Based and Community Organizations: National Engagement Webinar, June 4


Exploring Careers at the State Department Webinar, June 4


Energy Leadership Conversation with Wael Sawan Webcast, June 4


Risk assessment and planning for journalists in the field Webinar, June 4


WHO Euro Healthy Cities Arts and Health - Thematic Webinar, June 4


Preventing Mass Attacks in Our Communities Webinar, June 5


From D-Day to Liberation: Honoring Veterans on the Front Lines of History Webinar, June 5


Advancing Health Equity Through Workforce Development Webinar, June 5


The American Democracy and Health Security Initiative: Lighting a Path Amid Pandemic Polarization Webcast, June 5


Hurricane Prep for Artists 101 Webinar, June 5


Culture 21 Plus Webinar, June 5


The Mind of the CISO: Decoding the GenAI Impact Webcast, June 5


Exploring Effective Practices on Addressing Human Mobility in the Context of Disasters and Climate Change Webinar, June 5


How Can We Assess Plants Flammability Webinar, June 5


Protecting Paintings Webinar, June 5


Peace, Justice, & Federalism in Palestine and Israel Webinar, June 5


The role of the antiquities market in criminal money laundering Webinar, June 6


Community Recovery Through Arts and Culture Webinar, June 6


Community Resilience & Empowerment Webinar, June 6


Welcome Corp Refugees in Latin America Webinar, June 6 & 13


Spiritual Health Matters: Honoring the Role that Faith and Spirituality Can Play in the Holistic Healing of Survivors Webinar, June 6


Community conversation #17: Heat Action: are community cooling centres adaptable to Anticipatory Action Webinar, June 6


MDA and the 2025 Budget Webcast, June 6


Climate Change Resilience in Small Communities in the Nordic Countries (CliCNord) - the main findings Virtual Seminar, June 6


United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Careers Webinar, June 6


Women in 9-1-1: Navigating Multiple Roles Webinar, June 6


'Power and Accountability: Shaping Governance for Global Health Equity' Webinar, June 6


Second Chance Education: Transforming Education in Africa Webinar, June 6


Heat and Health Equity: Protecting Our Communities Webinar, June 6


Digital Transformation & Modernization in Today’s IT World Webinar, June 6


Spiritual Health Matters: Honoring the Role that Faith and Spirituality Can Play in the Holistic Healing of Survivors Webinar, June 6


Centering Human Rights in Ukraine's Reconstruction Webcast, June 7

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