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Webinar Updates (June 24-28)

Updated: Jun 20

Webinar Update- 06-24-24
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Report Launch: The Role of Trust in Advancing Equity in Innovation Webcast, June 24


Israeli-Saudi Normalization: An Effective Incentive for Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking Webinar, June 24


Helping the Helpers: Identifying Vicarious Trauma and Effective Interventions for BTAM Teams Webinar, June 25


Legal rights & resources: Covering the 2024 election Webinar, June 25


What is the Motivational Climate in Your Department Webinar, June 25


A Path To Evidence-Based Services for Unaccompanied Children Webinar, June 25


Putting People First National Engagement Webinar, June 25


SPY with Me: Memory Loss Program Webinar, June 25


2024 Atlantic Hurricane Outlook Webinar, June 25



Monitoring of Social Media Provisions in Peace Agreements Webinar, June 25


Storytelling with Indigenous & Intangible Heritage Webinar, June 25


Escalation in Haiti: Reaching Women and Girls Impacted by Humanitarian Crisis Webcast, June 25


Hurricane Preparedness for the Whole Community 2024 Webinar, June 26


Crisis Communication: What Do We Say When Things Go Wrong Webinar, June 26


The world risk poll resilience index Webinar, June 26


Why be an IAEM-USA Leader Webinar, June 26


You Have a Cyber Attack, Now What Webinar, June 26


Cybersecurity Awareness Training for CERT Volunteers Webinar, June 26






Next-Generation Strategies to Improve Language Access in Federally Supported Programs Webinar, June 26


Welcome.US Live Information Session Webinar, June 26


Committee on Unequal Treatment Revisited Webinar, June 26


Ceasefire in Gaza: What’s New and What’s Next Webinar, June 26


Engaging the Media to Amplify Public Health Messaging Webinar, June 26


Emergency Management in Argentina: The Case of the Alerces National Park Fire in 2024 – El Centinela Webinar, June 27


Lunch and Learn: 2023 RPM Part V Updates Webinar, June 27


Launching of the minimum standards and recommendations for medical teams responding to highly infectious diseases outbreak Webinar, June 27



After-Action Review: Evidence-Based Crisis Management Webinar, June 27


U.S. severe weather: How funders can support recovery Webinar, June 27


Measles: Stories From the Frontlines Webinar, June 27


Health System Surge Capacity and Response to a Sudden Conflict Webinar, June 27




Mpox in 2024: Updates and Considerations for Frontline Staff Webinar, June 28


Approaches to Digital Public Infrastructure in the Global South Webcast, June 28


Preserving the Past: Strategies for Heritage in Crisis Webinar, June 28


Asteroid Day Webcast, June 28

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