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Webinar Updates (June 10-14)

Webinar Update- 06-10-24
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Intro to HURREVAC and the National Hurricane Program Webinar, June 10


2-Spirit & Indigenous LGBTQIA+: A Path Forward in Emergency Management & Response Webinar, June 10


Mid-Atlantic Wildfire Training Academy, June 10-14: Virtual and McHenry, MD


Wind Forecast Features Webinar, June 11


How to Build a Threat Assessment Threat Management Team Webinar, June 11


A Missing Ingredient: Adding Capacity to the Federal Vulnerability Mapping Mix Webinar, June 11


Moral Injury - Peeling Back the layers of PTSD Webinar, June 11


Online abuse self-defense Webinar, June 11


The Modern-Day Recruiter Webinar, June 11


Advanced Leadership Training for Volunteers Webinar, June 11


Earthquake Spectra Showcase: May 2024 Issue Webinar, June 11


Report Release: A Long COVID Definition Webinar, June 11


The Melting Point: A Book Talk with General Frank McKenzie Webcast, June 11


Building Resilient Small Businesses During Extreme Climate Events Webinar, June 11




The Sahel Security Conundrum: Towards a New Equilibrium Webinar, June 11


Effective application of DRR IT tools for hydrometeorological hazards at a local level Webinar, June 11


Wildlife and Fire: Improving Habitat Management Through Monitoring and Adaptation Webinar, June 11


United Kingdom Urban Search and Rescue Webinar, June 11






CBRNResponder: Chat Messaging Webinar, June 12


Evacuation Timing Features Webinar, June 12


Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms: Resilient Structures, Sustainable Communities Webinar, June 12


International Minerals Diplomacy: A Fireside Conversation with Bob Wilt, CEO of Ma’aden Webcast, June 12


Nuances in Fire History and Management: Lessons From Oregon Webinar, June 12


Risk Communication for Public Health Before, During, and After Radiation Incidents Webinar, June 12


Geospatial Risk Assessments to Empower Fire Departments Webinar, June 12


Urgent Care Under Fire: Emergency Medicine in Conflicts Webinar, June 12


H5N1: The Current State of the Avian Flu Outbreak Webinar, June 12




The G7 Puglia Summit: Expectations & Outcomes Webcast, June 12


Storm Surge and Flooding Hazards Webinar, June 13


Insurance and Mother Nature: How does losing insurance options affect disaster philanthropy Webinar, June 13


Assessment Team Leader versus EMAP Staff Liaison: Roles and Responsibilities Webinar, June 13


Managing Public Health During a Migration Crisis Webinar June 13


Precipitation Extremes and Impacts Webinar, June 13


Don’t Sleep on Tech – Life After Resilience Technology Implementation Webinar, June 13


Long COVID and Fatiguing Illness Recovery Program Webinar, June 13


Strengthening Law Enforcement Leadership and Decision-Making Skills During an Active Threat Incident Webinar, June 13


Rwanda's Digital Health Strategy: Data-Driven Decisions for Improved Outcomes Webinar, June 13






Heat Safety and Preparedness Webinar, June 13


Lunch and Learn: 2023 RPM Part II Updates Webinar, June 13


EMAP Best Practice Library Webinar, June 13


Storytelling with Data – Resilience Management in the Healthcare Industry Sector Webinar, June 13


The Safety and Security Impacts of Houselessness Webinar, June 13


Saying Goodbye – Making Involuntary Separations Easier and Safer Webinar, June 13


Applying HURREVAC for Planning and Operations Webinar, June 14


Discussion on H5N1 Avian Flu Webinar, June 14


Beach Safety: Perspectives from the Blue IQ Event Webinar, June 14


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