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Webinar Updates (July 24-28)

Keeping it Clean in the Heat - Don’t Do the Right Thing the Wrong Way Webinar, July 24

Meet the Archivist Webinar, July 24

Leadership in Disaster Preparedness: Growing the Influence of Children’s Hospitals Webinar, July 25

Flash Drought in the Southeast Webinar, July 25

Supporting Survivors Before and Beyond Crisis: Creating a Supportive and Inclusive Workplace Webinar, July 25

Confident Female Leadership Webinar, July 25

Improving Communications in the Voluntary Return and Reintegration Network Webinar, July 25

The Dangers of Premature Peace Plans in the Russo-Ukrainian War Webcast, July 25

National Security and Spectrum for 5G Webcast, July 25

Helping Hidden Heroes: Chaplains for Correctional Staff — Emotions, Health, and Retention Webinar, July 25

Invisible Visibilities: Risk Communication Infrastructure and Epidemiological Obfuscation in Epidemics Webinar, July 25

Going Home: Returning Material Culture to Native Communities Webinar, July 25

Finance-enabled Solutions for Equitable Disaster Resilience Webinar, July 25

Disaster Declared: Resources for Arts and Cultural Institutions Webinar, July 26

Hurricanes: Putting Resilience into Practice Webinar, July 26

How to build resilience and adapt to future conditions through integrated planning for flood resilience Webinar, July 26

Using landscape-scale passive acoustic monitoring to inform forest management across California’s Sierra Nevada Webinar, July 26

El Niño, La Niña, and other climate drivers: their impacts on East and Southern Africa Webinar, July 26

Disaster risk reduction and the private sector: Trends and concepts for Africa virtual training and webinar, July 26

Breaking Bad: Overcoming Bad Habits and Generational Gaps in Recruitment and Retention Webinar, July 26

Cross-Border Humanitarian Mechanism to northwest Syria: current status and implications Webinar, July 26

Translating Warnings Into Actions: Improving Early Warning Systems To Protect Communities Webinar, July 26

Here’s What High Performance, High Value EMS Looks Like Webinar, July 26

Is Official Israeli Annexation of the West Bank Already Underway Webinar, July 26

People's Garden Webinar: Gardening to Bring Cultures and Community Together Webinar, July 27

NIMS Information and Communications Technology Functional Guidance Rollout Webinar, July 27

Beyond Checking a Box: Ensuring Your Crisis Response Grows and Thrives within Your Community Webinar, July 27

TrendsWatch: Creating the Post-Pandemic Workplace Webinar, July 27

Building Prepared Neighborhoods Webinar, July 27

Engineering skills in disaster preparedness, response and recovery Webinar, July 27

Core Advisory Groups (CAGs): Promoting Inclusive Emergency Management Webinar, July 27

Unraveling the Synergy of Space Science in Disaster Resilience Technology and Innovations Webinar, July 28

Unraveling the Synergy of Space Science in Disaster Resilience Technology and Innovations Webinar, July 28

Webinar Update- 7-24-23
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