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Webinar Updates (July 17-21)

'Heat: Life and Death on a Scorched Planet' author event with Jeff Goodell Webinar, July 17

Report Launch: Regional Environmental Cooperation Between Israel and Its Neighbors Webinar, July 17

Lessons Learned from Guam Preparedness and Disability Integration Webinar, July 17

Report Launch: Regional Environmental Cooperation Between Israel and Its Neighbors Webinar, July 17

Participatory Disaster Risk Management Training Course, July 17- Nov 30

Mass Care/Emergency Assistance Planning and Operations Virtual Training, July 18-21

FEMA Recruitment Team - Tuesday Federal Resume Writing Webinar, July 18

IAWF Partner Webinar, July 18

Spring Season Review...Won't Be Forgotten Any Time Soon Webinar, July 18

Keeping Your Detention Facilities Out of the Ditches and on the Right Path Webinar, July 18

Planning for Climate Change Impacts Webinar, July 18

Strategies for Supporting Newcomer and Immigrant Families Navigating the School System Webinar, July 18

Innovative Public-Private Partnerships in Food Systems of the Future Webcast, July 18

Remote targeting approaches: global lessons and applications in West and Central Africa Webinar, July 18


Leveraging GIS to Enhance the Fire Service Accreditation Process Webinar, July 19

Climate Communication Masterclass on the East Africa Hazard Watch Platform Webinar, July 19

Colorado Wildfire Risk Assessment (CO-WRA) Webinar, July 19

Destination Earth: Participation and Upcoming Collaboration Opportunities Today Webinar, July 19

Strategic Conversations Series: AI Ethics Today Webinar, July 19

Securing Space: The Next Frontier for Cybersecurity Education and Workforce Development Webinar, July 19

Planning for Climate Change Impacts Webinar, July 19

USGS Colorado Water Science Center: Snowpack Dynamics Webinar, July 20

Applied Mindfulness for Insider Threat Professionals Webinar, July 20

Three months into Sudan’s conflict: humanitarian leaders on the violence, the humanitarian response and the future Webinar, July 20

Straining under the Backlog: Fixing a U.S. Immigration Court System in Crisis Webinar, July 20

Out of the Box: Strategy Snacks Webinar, July 20

Building the Evidence: From Literature Search to Systematic Reviews and Meta-analyses Webinar, July 20

The Real Face of Human Trafficking: How to Identify Human Trafficking in the Field Webinar, July 20

Reopening and Resuming Operations Webinar, July 20

Core Humanitarian Standard Revision Process Webinar, July 20 (French)

Webinar Update- 7-17-23
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