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Webinar Updates (July 10-14)

Tracking Fundamentals Course, July 10-11: Henderson, TN

Traumas of Law Enforcement Training Course, July 10-12: Vancouver, WA

DRR Summer School, July 10-14: Oxford, UK

Native CDFIs: Lending Insights, Best Practices, and Policy Considerations Webinar, July 11

Situational Awareness 101: An Introduction Webinar, July 11

Climate Resilience Regional Challenge Informational Webinar, July 11

Igniting Firefighter Retention Webinar, July 11

Launch of the UN Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction Special Report: Mapping resilience for the sustainable development goals Webcast, July 11

Does US Policy Toward the Taliban Need Rethinking Webinar, July 11

General Project Ideas for Engaging in 9/11 Days of Service 2023 Webinar, July 11

Mythbusters! The Value of Negative Testimony in Forensics Webinar, July 11

Accountability (Eng) Horn of Africa Response - Field based staff Webinar, July 11

Increasing Art, Health, and Wealth in Trauma Affected Communities Webinar, July 11

Fire Service Legislation: Congressional and Regulatory Updates Webinar, July 12

Green Building Retrofits Webinar, July 12

Buildings Net Zero Energy Webinar, July 12

NIST Risk Management Framework Webinar, July 12

How to Create Accessible Emails Webinar, July 12

Launch Event: A Framework for Action for R2P Webinar, July 12

Cutting Methane Emissions from Oil and Gas: U.S. and EU Cooperation Webcast, July 12

Climate Resilience Regional Challenge Informational Webinar, July 12

Finding Hope in the Climate-Peace-Disarmament Nexus Webinar, July 13

The Future of Weather Forecasting Webinar, July 13


Modernizing the U.S. Fire Data System: An Introduction to the National Emergency Response Information System Webinar, July 13

The gendered nature of climate change Webinar, July 13

A Conversation with UN IFAD President Alvaro Lario Webcast, July 13

CERT, Stop the Bleed, & Wildfires 101: Hosted by the Youth Preparedness Council Webinar, July 13

2023 Annual Supreme Court Review Webinar, July 13

One Size Does Not Fit All: Developing Community-Specific Crisis Response Webinar, July 13

FEMA Overview & Federal Resume Virtual Workshop, July 13

Indigenous Expertise Leads the Fight Against Climate Change Webinar, July 13

LRBAA Today: Adaptive Risk Management Technologies Webinar, July 13

Webinar Update- 7-10-23
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