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Webinar Updates (Feb 19-23)

Webinar Update- 02-19-24
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An Overview of the CONVERGE Training Modules Series Webinar, Feb 20


Can Ukraine Still Win Webinar, Feb 20


Cybersecurity considerations for AI: comparing U.S. and EU approaches Webinar, Feb 20


Planning for Sustainable Success: Building a Development Plan for Museums Webinar, Feb 20


Climate change, public health and the right to health Webinar, Feb 20


Artificial Intelligence and Violent Extremism: Understanding the Landscape Webinar, Feb 20


Federal Resources for K-12 Security Threats and Incidents Webinar, Feb 20


A Human Rights Approach to Ukraine's Rapid Digitalization Webcast, Feb 20


The Future of Pakistan and U.S.-Pakistan Relations Webcast, Feb 20



He Pito Mata – Food system security and resilience Webinar, Feb 20


The Permacrisis Playbook: Navigating Communication Chaos with Confidence Webinar, Feb 20


Unlocking Opportunity Through the European Space Agency Webinar, Feb 20


Planning For the First 72 Hours Webinar, Feb 20


Post-Wildfire Recovery Through the Principles of Engineering With Nature Webinar, Feb 20


The Role of the Universities in Building Resilience for the Most At-Risk Country in the World Webinar, Feb 20


Humanitarian Xchange Webinar, Feb 20


Beyond the Cap and Gown: Embarking on a Career in the Humanitarian Field Webinar, Feb 20


Metrics & Measurement in Disaster Management: Climate Change Webinar, Feb 20


Sustainable Engineering Solutions Webinar, Feb 20


State of Practice: The Evolution of Security Risk Management in the Humanitarian Space Webinar, Feb 21


Planning for flood resilience: Integrating hazard mitigation and floodplain management planning Webinar, Feb 21


Advancing Decent Work and Labor Rights Globally Webcast, Feb 21


Roundtable Talk: Engaging Youth in the Fire Service Webinar, Feb 21


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Emergency Management Workforce Virtual Focus Group, Feb 21


Spring Religious Observance Safety and Security Briefing Webinar, Feb 21


Protecting Infants from RSV: Update on new prevention strategies and real-world evidence Webinar, Feb 21


NYC CERT in Winter Webinar, Feb 21



Unlock Localisation in Asia and the Pacific- strategies, challenges and promising practices Webinar, Feb 21


National AI Research Resource Webinar, Feb 21


IAEM-USA DEI Assessment Strategies + Recommendations Readout Webinar, Feb 22




How to Use NEAR Network’s Localisation Performance Measurement Framework Webinar, Feb 22


Accelerating Adaptation: Exploring the Promise and Limitations of NbS for Droughts and Floods Webinar, Feb 22


Ukraine in the Balance: A Battlefield Update on the War in Ukraine Webcast, Feb 22


Fighting Misinformation in Risk Communication: Managing Incorrect Information In Disasters Webinar, Feb 22


Saving the World: Looking forward to 2024 Webinar, Feb 22


Careers and Internships in Emergency Management Webinar, Feb 22




Behave7 Fire Modeling System: A Long Time Coming Webinar, Feb 22


Who Let the Dogs (and Miniature Horses) In? Service Animals in Health Care Webinar, Feb 22


Who Let the Dogs (and Miniature Horses) In? Service Animals in Health Care Webinar, Feb 22




Reflections from 20 years Examining the Social Dynamics of Fire Management Webinar, Feb 22


ARLIS/NA + SAA program on Crisis, Disaster, and Tragedy Response Webinar, Feb 23


Delivering for the Warfighter: The Importance of Executing Space Acquisition Programs Webcast, Feb 23


Wildland Fire Mitigation and Management Commission: process, outcomes, and next steps Webinar, Feb 23


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