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Webinar Updates (Dec 11-15)

Active Bystander Virtual Training - Transport For London, Dec 11


Leveraging Pathway Programs to Build a More Robust and Diverse Governmental Public Health Workforce Webinar, Dec 11


The Value of Insurance in a Changing Risk Landscape Webinar, Dec 11


Climate Change and Displacement in Asia: emerging trends, available evidence, and building resilience Webinar, Dec 11


Advancing Climate Action and SDGs Synergies: Way Forward Webinar, Dec 11


Israel’s Moment of Crisis: What are the Prospects for Political Change Webinar, Dec 11


5G/6G Technology and the Future of Global Security Webcast, Dec 11


2023 Energy and Climate Review Webcast, Dec 11


FirstNet: Response Operation Group Webinar, Dec 11





A hazardous journey; Exploring Mātauranga Māori and Volcanic Hazards Webinar, Dec 11


Overcoming Language Barriers in Policing and Building an Effective Language Access Program Webinar, Dec 12


Global FOREWARN Webinar, Dec 12


The National Defense Industrial Strategy: Enabling a Modernized Defense Industrial Ecosystem Webcast, Dec 12


Climate Change Impacts on Children’s Health and Well-Being Webinar, Dec 12


Artificial Intelligence and the ADA: Understanding How Employment Discrimination May Occur . . . And How to Avoid It Webinar, Dec 12


AmeriCorps NCCC: Forest Corps Lunch & Learn Webinar, Dec 12


Resilience Through Understanding: Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences and Health Disparities in Marginalized Communities Webinar, Dec 12


Investigating and Prosecuting Hamas in America Webinar, Dec 12




Migrating Public Safety Workflows to ArcGIS Experience Builder Webinar, Dec 12


Forests-Fire-Faucets: A Drinking Water Utility’s Approach to Forestland Protection and Fire Management Webinar, Dec 12


Teaching the Graphic Novel Frontera Webinar, Dec 12


Overcoming Language Barriers in Policing and Building an Effective Language Access Program Webinar, Dec 12




Disaster Resources from Other Federal Agencies Webinar, Dec 13


Why Lebanon Matters and Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Change Webinar, Dec 13


Exploring LGBTQ+ and Disaster Data within the US Census Bureau Household Pulse Survey Webinar, Dec 13


From the Ground Up: Demining Farmland and Improving Access to Fertilizer to Restore Ukraine’s Agricultural Production Report Launch Webcast, Dec 13


People are People: AFN Best Practices and Lessons Learned with Lisa Kraft Webinar, Dec 13


Achieving Success in the Community Disaster Resilience Zones: What Do Changemakers Need to Know Webcast, Dec 13


What Does the Future of Global Health Financing Look Like Webcast, Dec 13


Dialysis in Disaster Webinar, Dec 13


Stronger Together: Collective Impact and Climate Action Programming Webinar, Dec 13


Partnerships in Planning for Coastal Resilience Webinar, Dec 14


The Law Enforcement Knowledge Lab: A Critical Resource for Your Agency Webinar, Dec 14


Rising to the challenge: Professional women excelling in disaster resilience Webinar, Dec 14


Partnerships in Planning for Coastal Resilience Webinar, Dec 14


Faith in Action: Engaging Faith-Based Organizations in Preparedness Webinar, Dec 14


Traffic over our Heads: Enabling Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Flights during Complex Crisis Operations Webinar, Dec 14


Transmission of Medical Data to PSAPs through Google’s Emergency Location Service Webinar, Dec 14


Outbreak READY 2: This land in Crisis Webinar, Dec 14


Thor’s Apprentice: An Action Adventure About On-demand Weather Modification Webinar, Dec 14


Thor’s Apprentice: An Action Adventure About On-demand Weather Modification Webinar, Dec 14


Becoming a BC Wildfire Service firefighter Webinar, Dec 14


The Israel-Hamas War: The Iran Factor Webinar, Dec 14


The Future of Public-Private Partnerships in Food Systems: Policies and Practices Webcast, Dec 14


Developing Community Wildfire Protection Plans Webinar, Dec 14



An Overview of Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Webinar, Dec 14


Modernizing the U.S. Fire Data System: Understanding the Proposed NERIS Data Framework Webinar, Dec 14


From Lab to the Literal Field: Custom-Fit, 3-D-Printed Medical Devices and Wearable Sports Gear Webinar, Dec 14


Strangers in a strange land: Migrants and disasters in the US Webinar, Dec 14


The Future is Smoky Webinar, Dec 14


How to Get Involved in Data Privacy Week 2024 Webinar, Dec 15


Duplication of Benefits to Inform Public Assistance Applicants Who Receive COVID-19 Patient Care Revenue Webinar, Dec 15


NWS Central Region Remote Mesoanalysis Support During Two December 2021 Tornado Outbreaks Webinar, Dec 15


Leveraging Digital Health Technologies to Address the Needs of Underserved Populations Webinar, Dec 15




From refugee inclusion to shifting power: Building a global refugee sector that actually works Webinar, Dec 15


FEMA Vanguard Executive Crisis Leaders Fellowship, Deadline to apply is Dec 15

Webinar Update- 12-11-23
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