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Webinar Updates (August 28-Sept 1)

Making a Case for Late-Growing Season Prescribed Fire Webinar, Aug 28

Good Incident Rehab Saves Lives Webinar, Aug 28

National Biodefense Science Board Virtual Public Meeting, Aug 28

Feminist action for climate justice: An enabler to building the resilience of communities Webinar, Aug 28

Disaster Justice Network, Ethical Aspirations in Bureaucratic Structures Webinar, Aug 28

Disaster Recovery: Getting Back in Business Webinar, Aug 29

State of 911 Special Session Webinar, Aug 29

Climate and Conflict in the Middle East: Adaptation Opportunities for COP28 Webinar, Aug 29

Launch of Arabic Enabling Education Review Webinar, Aug 29

Vaccines for Ebola Preparedness and Prevention in Africa Webinar, Aug 29

Unlocking the potential of science in the Global South: A new approach to vaccine equity Webinar, Aug 29

Back to School with Invention Education Webinar, Aug 29

Actions to improve our emergency ethics preparedness and strengthen research ethics Webinar, Aug 29

Serving at Home or Abroad: Becoming an AmeriCorps or Peace Corps Volunteer Webinar, Aug 29

Anthrax in West Africa: A Lurking Threat of Outbreaks and Bioterrorism Webinar, Aug 30

FEMA Alert and Warning Community of Practice Webinar, Aug 30

The War in Ukraine: What’s at Stake for America Virtual Townhall, Aug 30

How to Write Solid Observations for AARs Webinar, Aug 30

A Conversation with Costa Rican President Rodrigo Chaves Webcast, Aug 30

Resolve To Be Ready With: Organizations Preparing for Emergency Needs Webinar, Aug 30

What firefighters want in 2023 – Staffing & stress relief Webinar, Aug 30

Creating Change – Fire Service Considerations to Prevent Distracted Driving and Increase Safety Webinar, Aug 30

Preparing for the Unthinkable, Planning for the Inevitable: Disaster Prevention, Response, and Recovery for Libraries Webinar, Aug 30

Chemical Agents of Opportunity for Terrorism Virtual Training Course, Aug 30

EMAP Business Consultant Training, Aug 30-31: Falls Church, VA

Going Back to School: Parent, Family & Educator Resources for When Hate Happens Webinar, Aug 31

Exploring the Rapid Re-housing (RRH) Model as an Innovative Strategy to Address Homelessness among LGBTQ+ Young Adults Webinar, Aug 31

Raising awareness of early warning education for kids Webinar, Sept 1

Webinar Update- 8-28-23
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