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Webinar Update (Nov 27-Dec 1)

Ask the Right Questions: Building a Framework for Educating about Antisemitism Webinar, Nov 27

Going further than feedback: Changing the humanitarian system to support accountability Webinar, Nov 28

Empowering climate resilience through banking: Principles for responsible banking adaptation guidance launch Webinar, Nov 28

Pre-emptive Measures to Protect Movable Cultural Heritage Webinar, Nov 28

Grief Online Workshop- Coping with the Weight of Cumulative Losses, Nov 28

Evidence-Based Guidance for Effective Alerts and Warnings Webinar, Nov 28

More Than a Call Center: Charging Ahead - Lithium Battery Requirements in 2024 and Beyond Webinar, Nov 28

Financial Times Roundtable: Tackling the Growing Global Food Crisis Webinar, Nov 28

Evidence-Informed Solutions to Emergency Department Overcrowding Webinar, Nov 28

Launch of the West Africa Organized Crime Resilience Framework Webinar, Nov 28

Economics view of tipping points Webinar, Nov 28

Cyber-Physical Impact Modeling Webinar, Nov 28

The World’s Deadliest Infectious Disease Webinar, Nov 28

Bolivian and Argentinian Hemorrhagic Fevers Webinar, Nov 28

Global Threat Update: A World of Wars Webinar, Nov 28

Sowing Justice: Cultivating a Just World for All in the Farm Bill Webinar, Nov 28

Structural Racism and Public Health: How to Talk to Policymakers and Community Members Webinar, Nov 28

Survey of Stakeholder Perceptions of Wildfire Mitigations for Homes in California and Oregon Webinar, Nov 29

Developing Community Wildfire Protection Plans Webinar, Nov 29

Leveraging State Resources: How to Best Engage with Fire Training Academies Webinar, Nov 29

Moving Away from the Precipice through Enhanced Professional and Personal Wellness Webinar, Nov 29


Trade-offs and synergies in multi-level fire governance Webinar, Nov 29

Planning Considerations for Cyber Incidents Webinar, Nov 29

PPE from A to Z: N95s and Respiratory Protection Webinar, Nov 29

Launch of the Mixed Migration Review 2023, Regional issues through regional perspectives Webinar, Nov 29

CyberTraining: Broadening Adoption of Cyberinfrastructure(CI) and Research Workforce Development for Disaster Management Webinar, Nov 29

Advancing Climate Resilience in Health Centers and Their Communities: Introducing Resources for Accessing the Inflation Reduction Act Webinar, Nov 29

Navigating Discourses on Israel and Palestine: Civic Space, Expression, and Dialogue in Challenging Times Webinar, Nov 30

Helping the Helpers: Addressing Needs of First Responders following MVIs Webinar, Nov 30

Becoming a BC Wildfire Service firefighter Webinar, Nov 30

Peer-to-Peer Training: A Sister Tribal Program Shares How They Successfully Met the Challenge and Expended FVPSA American Rescue Plan (ARP) Funding Webinar, Nov 30

Voices of Apeirogon: An Intimate Conversation with Colum McCann and Bereaved Fathers Webinar, Nov 30

The Importance of Community Consultations in the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Network Webinar, Nov 30

Resilient Workplace Webinar, Nov 30

Applications are open until Nov 30 for Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management Master Training Program

Fiscal Policies to Address Climate Change Webinar, Dec 1

SWF Space Sustainability Research Fellowship Results: Verifying Commitments On Anti-Satellite Testing, and Customary International Law Formation for Space Security Webinar, Dec 1

Democracy and the Catholic Church in Nicaragua Webcast, Dec 1

Psychological Preparedness & Maintaining Wellness During Disasters Webinar, Dec 1

Webinar Update- 11-27-23
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