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Webinar Update (Feb 26-March 1)

Webinar Update- 02-26-24
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Modern Migrations, Black Interrogations - Acacia Center for Justice Webinar, Feb 26


USCRI Webinar: Ukrainian Policy Update, Feb 26


Transatlantic Trade and Climate: A Strategic Roadmap for 2024 Webcast, Feb 26


Fire and Emergency Protection Plan Development Webinar, Feb 27


Advancement Strategy: The Rise to the Top Transforming Law Enforcement Webinar, Feb 27


Inclusive Public Health Preparedness Planning Webinar, Feb 27


Fifth National Climate Assessment - Southeast Findings Webinar, Feb 27


Youth Preparedness Council Applicant Informational Webinar, Feb 27


Hazardous Webinar: Real-time tropical cyclone data for impact Webinar, Feb 27





Lessons Learned: Reflecting on the East Palestine Derailment and the Path Forward Webinar, Feb 27


Fire Use Around the World: Purposes, Principles, Policies, and Practices Webinar, Feb 27


Promoting Health Equity Through Economic Opportunity Webinar, Feb 27


Serving Black Women Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence Webinar, Feb 27


Greater Copenhagen Fire Brigade Webinar, Feb 27


IPAWS TSSF Quarterly Virtual Tabletop Exercise, Feb 27


The China-Russia Nexus of Disinformation Webinar, Feb 27


IPAWS TSSF Quarterly Virtual Tabletop Exercise, Feb 28


U.S. Electric Demand Growth: Responding To a New Era Webcast, Feb 28


CERT Volunteers and the EOC Webinar, Feb 28


Shaping Tomorrow: The Role of Refugee and Migrant-led Organizations and Communities in European Parliament Elections Webinar, Feb 28



FEMA Assistance to Firefighter Grant Program​ Webinar, Feb 28


Automation in the Field: Trócaire’s Tech Journey with Box and Exploring AI innovations for Nonprofits Webinar, Feb 28


Sharing the Load: How to Empower and Leverage Diverse Expertise to Expand First Response Webinar, Feb 28


Preventing Crisis and Averting Tragedy in Kentucky Webinar, Feb 28


The Public Health-Informed Approach to Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention Webinar, Feb 28


Accessibility & Inclusivity in Disasters Webinar, Feb 28


John D. Solomon Fellowship Informational Webinar, Feb 28


Climate Change, Mental Health, and Forced Displacement Webinar, Feb 28



The Next Chapter for CGS Chapters: Working Together for a Better Tomorrow Webinar, Feb 29


The Gaza War's Spillover in the Middle East Webinar, Feb 29


SIDS Global Business Network Forum 2024 Webinar, Feb 29


Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF+) Overview Webinar, Feb 29


DoD’s Warfighting Concept with the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Webcast, Feb 29


2024 I-DIEM HERricane Webinar, Feb 29


From Data to Action: Shaping People-Centered Health Systems – Learning from the People’s Voice Survey on Health System Performance Webinar, Feb 29


Overlooked and Overburdened: People Experiencing Homelessness and Heat Webinar, Feb 29


Navigating the Seas with Admiral Lisa Franchetti, Chief of Naval Operations of the U.S. Navy Webcast, Feb 28


Serving Black Women Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence Webinar, Feb 29




Connecting the Exercise Cycle and Continuous Improvement Process Webinar, Feb 29


Freedom in the World 2024 Webinar, Feb 29




Preparation and Response Strategies: Lessons Learned from a Mass Shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee Webinar, Feb 29


All She Lost: The Explosion in Lebanon, the Collapse of a Nation and the Women who Survive Webinar, March 1


Modeling for Anticipatory Action: Building better humanitarian responses to conflict and climate shocks in fragile countries Webinar, March 1


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