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Vermont Severe Flooding Situation Report #2


· The rain gradually ended overnight:

o Most rivers across the Northeast are in recession as most rivers have crested.

o Areal flooding and ponding will continue to impact other areas of the Northeast through at least today.

o The next round of rainfall is forecasted to begin on Thursday and continue until Friday. This could lead to new and renewed flooding impacts.

· A total of 21 Search and Rescue teams have conducted 88 rescues in the affected areas.

· There are 11 shelters-in-place and 65 evacuation orders in place Statewide.

· The American Red Cross reports that there are 19 shelters open with a population of 239 people.

· Four long-term care facilities have been evacuated.

· Potable Water Update:

o There are currently 11 boil water and one Do Not Drink orders in place.

o The Federal government has deployed five trucks of water.

· There are currently 4,231 customers without power, most of these outages are reported in Bennington.

· Between 75 to 90 roads remain closed.

· State Update:

o The State is not accepting physical donations, monetary donations can be made to the following funds:

ü Vermont Flood Response and Recovery Fund

ü Vermont Disaster Recovery Fund

ü Northern New England Red Cross

o All State government buildings were closed on July 11th.

o The State Department of Environmental Conservation has contacted 200 private dams and only one dam has reported a minor concern.

· Federal Update:

o The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region 1 Response Coordination Center remains open (Dayshift only).

ü A total of 10 Emergency Support Functions have been activated, along with the Defense Coordinating Officer and the Defense Coordinating Element.

o The FEMA Region 1 Watch Center is at Enhanced Watch.

o A FEMA Staging Management Team has been deployed to Holliston MA.


· FEMA Daily Operations Briefing, July 12

· FEMA Region 1 Twitter Page

· Vermont Emergency Management Twitter Page

· Vermont Power Outage Resource

· Red Cross of Northern New England Twitter Page

Vermont Severe Flooding SitRep #2
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