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Uganda Ebola Outbreak Situation Report #12

Global Crisis Management Report


· The government of Uganda is reporting the following as of January 2nd:

o There have been 142 confirmed cases.

o There are now 55 fatalities.

o A total of 19 healthcare workers were infected and seven died.

o There are zero active contacts and 4,793 contacts have completed the 21-days monitoring period.

o 87 people have recovered.

o January 2nd marked 108 days since the start of the outbreak and 36 days since the last confirmed case was verified.

· There are plans being assembled to demobilize response activities in the affected parts of the country.

· A total of 16,333 individuals were screened at nine Points of Entry.

· On December 22nd, the World Health Organization (WHO) handed over 4,160 additional doses of two candidate vaccines:

o These vaccines were produced by Oxford and Merck pharmaceutical companies.

o They will be used in the clinical trials led by the Lung Institute.

· On December 21st, the Uganda Ministry of Health conducted training for 58 health workers from eight health districts on infection prevention and control and contact tracing.


· Uganda Ebola Virus Disease Situation Report No 86

· Uganda Ministry of Health Twitter Page

· WHO Uganda Twitter Page

Uganda Ebola Outbreak Situation Report #12
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