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Tropical Storm Daniel Situation Report #5


· As of September 25th, the World Health Organization (WHO) is reporting 4,255 fatalities and at least 8,540 people listed as missing.

· A total of 452 people has been rescued by various partners.

· At least 43,059 people have been internally displaced.

· Approximately 1,300 individuals (260 families) remain in their homes in the affected areas of Alajabilh, Abu Mansour, and Maghar, out of fear of being victims of theft due to the lack of electricity in these areas:

o They are in urgent need of food and non-food items as well as medical assistance.

o They have not received any aid.

· Based on field reports some roads in the affected areas are being reopened although movement between the eastern and western parts of Derna continues to be heavily restricted.

· At least 4,000 buildings have been affected (damaged or destroyed) in Derna.

· The Libyan Red Crescent Society (LRCS) continues to respond in the affected areas. This response includes:

o In cooperation with the International Federation and the International Committee of the Red Cross they are distributing relief supplies (food, water, etc).

o Psychological support teams are supporting displaced persons to relieve their psychological pressures.

· Healthcare and Public Health Update:

o Throughout Derna, field teams are reporting severe shortages of medications including those for chronic diseases, as well as a lack of storage and pharmacists.

o The Ministry of Health and WHO has restored 10 health facilities and supported the establishment of six field hospitals.

o WHO has provided non-communicable disease kits to Primary Health Care (PHC) centres in Derna, Shahat, AlBayda, Al Marj and Sousa.

o WHO has also conducted a rapid assessment of 78 health facilities in affected areas, including Al-Marj district, Derna city and part of Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar:

ü More than half of the facilities were reported either partially or totally non-functional due to shortage of medical supplies, medicines, equipment or staff, damaged buildings and limited accessibility.

ü Amongst those, 12 hospitals are reported partially functional.

o In Assahel and Jaris areas in AlMarj districts, an estimated 52% of assessed PHC facilities were reported as partially functional or non-functional, mainly due to lack of medical supplies and medicine. Lack of personnel and medical staff is also a constraint.

o Small cities such as Merad Massoud, Alwardiea, and Alhaniea face a lack of medical facilities and transportation.

o WHO has allocated $2.3 million from its Contingency Fund for Emergencies to help fund the immediate response. WHO has also appealed for $11.1 million in the recently issued UN Flash Appeal.

· Water and Wastewater Update:

o Rushing floodwater led to the demolition of water networks in multiple locations, including the destruction of pipes linking the water desalination plant at Derna; damage to the sewage pipes linking eastern and western Derna; and cutting off links between man-made river boreholes at Al Bayada supplying Almerj and other cities.

o The General Company of Water and Wastewater (GCWW) started deploying support to most affected cities; extensive damages have overwhelmed GCWW operational capacity though.

o The GCWW suffers from significant shortages in basic equipment, including suction pumps, drainage pumps, water, and sewage trucks. There is also limited capacity available for water quality testing.

o In Derna, half of the 18 boreholes in the city are out of service, and the sewage network is heavily damaged.

o Tap water consumption remains risky. There are also mounting concerns about potential groundwater contamination; water trucking is being used.

o Despite on-going efforts to repair infrastructure, damaged roads, intermittent power, and internet outages as well as logistical constraints continue to impact relief efforts.

· International Aid Update:

o The UN Refugee Agency has over the weekend delivered essential medicine to treat over 10,000 patients at the Derna field hospital.

o The World Food Programme (WFP) has scaled up its operations to support 100,000 people in the hardest-hit areas:

ü WFP has reached 16,000 people in the affected areas.

ü They have already dispatched 40 metric tons of High Energy Biscuits to their logistics hub in Dubai.

o The 10 member states of the EU through the Civil Protection Mechanism have delivered the following resources:

ü 84 Generators

ü 1 Coordination Team

ü 5 Trucks

ü 1,500 Search and Rescue items

ü 10 Pumps

ü 2 Helicopters

ü 4,500 Food and Water items

ü 2 million medical items

ü 33,000 Shelter items


· Libya Floods | UCPM and DG ECHO Response - DG ECHO Daily Map | 25/09/2023

· Libya — Impact of Storm Daniel on Derna: Needs Assessment Report (25 September 2023)

· Libya: Flood update Flash Update No.7 (23 September 2023) (as of 4pm local time)

· UN in Libya Twitter Page

· WHO Libya Twitter Page

· Libyan Red Crescent Society Twitter Page


Libya Derna Governorate, East Province (Imagery Analysis: 13/09/2023 Published 13/09/2023 V1) (New)

Google ML-Derived Damage Assessment and Health Facilities - Derna, Libya (Septmeber 25, 2023) (New)

ACAPS Thematic report - Libya: Pre-crisis humanitarian situation in Al Jabal Al Akhdar district (22 September 2023) (New)

UNOSAT Live Web Map

UN Refugee Agency, Help Libya Website

Center for International Disaster Information, Libya Flooding Website

Monetary Donations:

· UN Crisis Relief, Libya Floods Response

· Center for Disaster Philanthropy, 2023 Libya Floods

TS Daniel Situation Report #5
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