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Tropical Storm Daniel Situation Report #2


· There is currently a lack of accurate and reliable data across affected regions presents a significant challenge; access challenges and conflicting reports from multiple sources further add to the difficulties in coordinating and effectively deploying humanitarian assistance.

· The World Health Organization (WHO) is reporting 3,992 fatalities and between 9 to 10,000 people reported as missing.

· The UN Migration Agency reports that at least 36,000 people have been displaced.

· Search and rescue operations are ongoing, especially in Derna, where accessibility remains a critical challenge due to damaged infrastructure.

· The most urgent humanitarian needs are:

o Water and Food

o Non-Food Items

o Shelter

o Healthcare

· Local authorities in the West and the East have formed crisis response committees. The Government of National Unity dispatched two batches of emergency supplies to the East, including 14 tons of medical supplies.

· At least 56% of the hospitals in the affected areas are partially operational.

· There are at least 2,217 buildings that have been exposed to flooding.

· Red Crescent Update:

o The Libyan Red Crescent Society (LRCS) has identified their most urgent needs, which are:

ü Search and Rescue assistance

ü Food and Non-Food Items

ü Field medical clinics and medicine

ü Water, Hygiene and Sanitation

o The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies has announced an emergency appeal for 10 million Swiss Francs to support the Libyan Red Crescent Society.

o The Kuwait Red Crescent Society has provided 40 tons of equipment, relief and medical materials, and rescue boats.

o The Qatar Red Crescent Society has sent a shipment of medical supplies and equipment, shelter supplies and tents to support at least 10,000 people.

o The Emirates Red Crescent Authority has sent two plan loads of medical supplies to Libya.

· International Assistance:

o The World Food Programme (WFP) has reached 700 families in Derna and 2,000 people who fled to Benghazi.

o The UN Refugee Agency and the Libyan Relief Authority has distributed basic relief materials to people who were displaced inside Benghazi and sent other materials to Derna:

ü The Libyan Relief Authority has distributed relief supplies to 1,200 people in Derna.

o The UN has allocated $10 million from the Central Emergency Response Fund to support survivors.

o The U.S. Agency for International Development has deployed a Disaster Assistance Response Team to lead United States efforts to support survivors. The United States is also providing $1 million in initial humanitarian assistance to help those affected.

o Libya has requested assistance through the European Civil Protection Mechanism on September 12th. EU member states have offered to provide the following resources:

ü 80 Generators

ü 4,500 Food and Water Items

ü One Emergency Medical Team

ü 23,000 Shelter items

ü 10 Water pumps

ü Two helicopters


· OCHA Libya: Flood update Flash Update No.1 (13 September 2023)

· Libya | Recent floods - DG ECHO Daily Map | 13/09/2023

· Flood impact assessment in Derna City, East Province, Libya - Imagery Analysis: 13/09/2023 | Published: 13/09/2023 V1

· UN in Libya Twitter Page

· OCHA Libya Twitter Page

· WHO Libya Twitter Page

· World Meteorological Organization Twitter Page

· IFRC MENA Twitter Page

· Libyan Red Crescent Society Twitter Page

· Pacific Disaster Center Twitter Page


UNOSAT Live Web Map

Libya Floods - Derna: Flood Impact in Central Derna - 12 September 2023

Libya: Flooding - Overview of affected governorates (13 Sep 2023)

ACAPS, Libya: Impact of Storm Daniel in eastern Libya and the collapse of dams in Derna - Briefing note 13 September 2023

UN Refugee Agency, Help Libya Website

Libya Flood response Flash Appeal (September 2023)

UN Crisis Relief, Libya Floods Response (Monetary Donations)

Center for Disaster Philanthropy, 2023 Libya Floods

TS Daniel Situation Report #2
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