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Taiwan Earthquake Situation Report #1

Taiwan Earthquake SitRep #1
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·         On April 2nd, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) recorded a magnitude 7.4 earthquake on the eastern coast of Taiwan.  This initial earthquake was followed by a magnitude 6.5 aftershock 13 minutes later:

o   The USGS reported that the estimated area exposed to liquefaction is listed as significant. 

o   The Japanese government reports that as of April 3rd, the tsunami advisory for the Okinawa Main Island Region has been lifted.

o   The highest tsunami wave height in Taiwan was recorded at one meter in Hualien. 

o   A landslide has been reported in Hualien.

·         As of April 3rd, Taiwan reported the following impacts:

o   There are currently nine fatalities and 934 people were injured.

o   At least 28 buildings have been damaged.

o   Currently, at least 176 rescue personnel have been deployed. 

·         The Pacific Disaster Center has estimated the likely impacts and needs for the population of Taiwan and Japan:

o   At least 18.8 million people (376,000 vulnerable people) have been exposed. 

o   The earthquake has impacted 339 hospitals and 429 schools.

o   The total capital exposed is estimated to be at least $1.29 Trillion. 

o   The initial breakdown of the needs of the affected population is:

ü  789 million calories per day

ü  1.12 million liters of water per day



·         Taiwan | Earthquakes and tsunami – DG ECHO Daily Map | 03/04/2024

·         USGS, M 7.4 - 18 km SSW of Hualien City, Taiwan

·         U.S. Tsunami Warning Website

·         Taiwan Red Cross Twitter Page

·         Pacific Disaster Center Twitter Page 

·         Japanese Government Disaster Prevention Cabinet Office Twitter Page


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