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Türkiye/Syria Earthquake Situation Report #8

February 20th Earthquake Highlights: · A 6.4 Earthquake occurred 3 kilometers SW of Uzunbag, Türkiye. The Pacific Disaster Center published a humanitarian initial impact projection: o A total of 1.1 million people (266,454 households) estimated to be exposed. o The estimated vulnerable population exposed is 181,849 people. o An estimated 8 hospitals and 12 schools were exposed. o Likelihood of Impact to Lifelines: ü Power: Moderate ü Communication: Moderate ü Transportation: Moderate · Initial reports from multiple organizations indicates at least 300 fatalities and over 3,000 injuries. · At least 10 buildings collapsed in northwest Syria. Türkiye Highlights: · There are now 41,020 fatalities. · At least 245,198 search and rescue workers from government agencies and partners have been deployed. · Military Support Update: o The air bridge is being conducted by 81 helicopters and 72 aircraft which has flown 11,907 sorties. · The Türkiye Red Crescent is reporting the following: o A total of 1,435 staff and 3,763 volunteers have been deployed. o They are working with the Ministry of Health to provide basic health services in the affected areas. o They have distributed the following commodities: ü 26.9 million bottles of water ü 14.4 million Ready-to Eat Packages ü 50,883 tents o The following resources remain deployed: ü 86 Mobile Catering Units ü 41 Mobile Ovens ü 375 Mobile Kitchens ü 22 Field Kitchens · The government has started the Let my Home be your Home Program: o Philanthropists can allocate their homes free of charge or at a lower rent to residents from the affected areas. o These homes will be provided for a minimum of three months. · International Support Update: o The UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination Teams continue to support the coordination of search and rescue operations. o As of February 20th, 25 international Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) teams with 921 personnel remain deployed in the affected areas: ü The two United States USAR Task Forces have been demobilized. o A total of 26 World Health Organization Emergency Medical Teams remain active in the affected areas. o World Food Programme (WFP) Update: ü A total of 900,000 people has been reached by WFP as of February 21st. ü Working with the Türkiye Red Crescent they have distributed 1.5 million cooked meals. Syrian Highlights: · The UN Office for the Coordination for Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) is reporting the following: o More than 4,500 fatalities and 8,300 injuries. o At least 9,000 or more buildings have been damaged or destroyed. o There are more than 48,000 suspected cases of Cholera. · The White Helmets is reporting the following: o Their teams are continuing to clear debris, secure damaged buildings, open roads, and retrieve belongings of civilians. o They reported that the Syrian government and Russian forces shelled parts of Idlib on February 21st. However, no casualties were reported. · The priority needs in the affected areas remain: o Winterization o Shelter o Multi-purpose cash support · More than 86,000 people moved from the affected areas to parts of Northern and Eastern Syria. · Markets in the affected areas remain generally accessible to all or most of the affected population. Only 11% of the assessed communities indicated increased unavailability of items. · Earthquake Response Cross Border Operation: o There are three border crossing points that are open (Bab al-Hawa, Bab al-Salam and Al Rae’ee). o A total of 265 total trucks have crossed the border as of February 9th. A total of 38 trucks crossed the border on February 21st. o These trucks are carrying assistance from 6 UN agencies. Sources: · AFAD Press Bulletin about the Earthquake in Kahramanmaraş - 33 · Earthquake Response Cross Border Operation from Türkiye to Northwest Syria (as of 21 February 2023) · Türkiye: 2023 Earthquakes Situation Report No. 3, As of 21 February 2023 · WFP Türkiye and Syria Earthquake Response, Situation Report #4 (20 February 2023) · Let My Home Be Your Home · Earthquakes: North-west Syria: Flash Update No. 12 (as of 19 February 2023) · UNOCHA Twitter Page · IFRC Europe Twitter Page · Türkiye Red Crescent Twitter Page · Syrian Civil Defense Twitter Page · Syrian American Medical Society Twitter Page · USAID's Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance Twitter Page · Pacific Disaster Center Twitter Page Resources Syrian Arab Republic, Türkiye: General Logistics Planning Map - 07 February 2023 (New) Türkiye, Syria | Seismic activity - EU Response - DG ECHO Daily Map | 21/02/2023 (New) ACAPS Thematic report: Türkiye - Earthquake: province profiles for Malatya and Adiyaman, 20 February 2023 (New) Türkiye, Europe Region | Earthquakes - Emergency Appeal n° MDRTR004 - Operational Strategy (New) UNITAR/UNOSAT Web Map of Affected Areas Logistics Cluster Tracker Site Maxar Türkiye and Syria Earthquake Swipe App Business Brief: Earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria - Humanitarian Overview and Call to Action (16 February 2023) Center For International Disaster Information, How to Help Centre for Humanitarian Data, Türkiye/Syria Earthquake Website Global Citizen, Earthquake Crisis Response Challenge 3 ways to support survivors of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria Monetary Donations

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Türkiye-Syria Earthquake Situation Report #8
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