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Türkiye/Syria Earthquake Situation Report #3

Türkiye Highlights:

· The government is reporting 16,170 fatalities and 64,194 injuries.

· At least 50 people have so far been rescued by international search and rescue teams.

· At least 6,444 buildings have collapsed throughout the country.

· The government reported that a total of 28,044 citizens have been evacuated from affected areas.

· The total number of responders in the region is 115,688 personnel, including 25,893 search and rescue personnel and 6,479 international personnel from other countries.

· The Türkiye Red Crescent has mobilized almost 4,000 volunteers to provide mass care services in the affected areas.

· Infrastructure Update:

o Airports in Kahramanmaraş Gaziantep, Malatya, Adana, Diyarbakır, Adıyaman and Şanlıurfa are open to both commercial and humanitarian flights.

o The Hatay airport has reopened to medical evacuation flights only.

o The gas pipelines in Kahramanmaras and Gaziantep has been shut down.

o Several key transportation routes have been impaired.

· International Support Update:

o The EU rescEU strategic reserve is providing temporary shelter resources.

o Over 1,300 European rescue workers and 100 search dogs from 23 countries are now on-scene supporting search and rescue efforts.

o A total of 50 UN Disaster Assistance and Coordination (UNDAC) team members and partner agencies have deployed to four hubs to support the earthquake response.

o The World Bank will be providing Türkiye with a $1.78 billion assistance package.

o The World Health Organization (WHO) has deployed trauma and medical supplies that will be distributed to medical facilities and WHO partner agencies.

o WHO Emergency Medical Teams (EMT) are being activated. The Belgian EMT has already been deployed and will set-up a field hospital.

Syrian Highlights:

· It is estimated that there is now more than 2,000 fatalities and 5,000 injuries. These numbers are expected to rise.

· As of February 8th, more than 2,000 buildings have been destroyed and more than 5,100 buildings have been partially destroyed.

· Over 2,500 Syrian Civil Defense (White Helmets) volunteers are involved in the search and rescue efforts across some 40 communities in northwest Syria.

· The White Helmets reported that four of their volunteers and their families died in the initial earthquake.

· At least 11,000 families are now homeless.

· There are now about 30,000 people displaced.

· The Syrian Red Crescent has received the following supplies between February 8-9:

o Food aid: 104 tons

o Relief supplies: 84 tons

o Medical supplies: 25 tons

o Tents and blankets: 15 tons

· Infrastructure Update:

o Major power outages are reported throughout the affected areas.

o Access to water and sanitation services is extremely challenging.

o The water level of the Orontes River has reportedly risen due to the collapse of a dam in the aftermath of the earthquake.

· Healthcare and Public Health Update:

o Hospitals and blood donation centers need support to treat the injured and are operating with limited resources.

o At least 20 hospitals have registered a request for blood units and at least two hospitals are out of service in the Idleb governorate.

o A total of 32 mobile medical teams from the non-governmental organization and the Ministry of Health have been deployed.

o At least 45 ambulances have been deployed.

· International Support Update:

o The first UN cross-border aid convoy since the earthquake has crossed from Türkiye into north-west Syria. The convoy was comprised of six trucks carrying shelter items and non-food items.

o The International Rescue Committee has reported that two staff members have died.

o The Logistics Cluster is working with partners to identify the possible gaps in the aftermath of the earthquake.

o The United Kingdom is providing 3.8 million Pounds to the White Helmets to aid their ongoing search and rescue missions.

o The EU through the Emergency Response Coordination Centre are working with member states on providing aid to the affected areas. Italy and Romania have already made offers in providing tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, beds, food items and winter clothing.


· Earthquake: Türkiye and north-west Syria Flash Update No. 4 As of 9 February 2023

· World Bank Announces Initial $1.78 Billion for Türkiye’s Recovery & Reconstruction Efforts After Earthquake Disaster

· IRC mourns colleagues killed in Türkiye/Syria earthquake

· Additional Funding to the White Helmets Search & Rescue Efforts

· Syrian Arab Republic - Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) Coordinated Response Flash Update #4 - Earthquake (As of 09 February 2023)

· Earthquake: Commissioner Lenarčič visits Türkiye as EU makes available in-kind assistance for Syria

· OCHA North-West Syria: Situation Report (6 February 2023)

· UNOCHA Twitter Page

· WHO Europe Twitter Page

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· USAID Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance Twitter Page


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3 ways to support survivors of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

Monetary Donations

· Türkiye Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency, Earthquake Donation Accounts

· Türkiye Red Crescent Crypto Donation (New)

· Net Hope (New)

Türkiye-Syria Earthquake Situation Report #3
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