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Sudanese Civil War Situation Report #5


· The ceasefire agreement between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) remains in effect, but fighting is still being reported, particularly in Khartoum and Darfur.

· At least 705 people have been killed and 5,287 injured as of May 16th.

· There are also reports that intercommunal and gender-based violence (including sexual violence) are increasing.

· More than 13 million children (over half of the population) in Sudan need urgent humanitarian assistance.

· Nearly 1.4 million people have been forced to flee their homes since the conflict started and are now displaced inside and outside the country:

o Most of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) have taken refuge in the West Darfur (24%), White Nile (20%), River Nile (16%) and Northern (14%) states.

o About 345,000 people have crossed into neighboring countries as of May 26th:

ü Egypt: 126,000 people

ü South Sudan: 71,000 people

ü Chad: 60,000 people

ü Central African Republic: 9,700 people

ü Ethiopia: 5,000 people

· Telecommunications Infrastructure Update:

o Sudan’s communications infrastructure has been heavily impacted because of direct damage to telecommunications towers, as well as indirectly through the rapid deterioration of the national power grid.

o Two of the country’s three Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are no longer operational.

o Congestion on the one remaining MNO network is worsened by the concentration of IDPs in safer areas away from the active fighting.

· There are currently 68 humanitarian partners operating inside the country.

· The World Food Programme (WFP) on May 30th completed its first food distribution in the capital.

· The Sudanese Red Crescent Society (SRCS) continues to provide humanitarian assistance throughout the country. As of May 29th, a total of 1,488 volunteers are deployed throughout the country.

· Healthcare and Public Health Update:

o As of May 29th, the SRCS provided first aid and medical care to more than 24,000 people.

o There have been 45 attacks on health verified.

o 70% of health facilities in the capital are reported as non-functional.

o Health services across the country have been heavily impacted with several critical programs being shut down.

· Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) Update:

o The ETC was activated on May 25th to support the humanitarian response.

o ETC has been continuing its efforts to extend internet connectivity to humanitarian actors at Port Sudan.

o The ETC team is continuing to conduct technical assessments of UN and non-governmental organizations at Port Sudan to support adding more sites to the inter-agency connectivity network.

· Humanitarian partners have worked intensively to move relief supplies to the locations where they are most needed but have faced insecurity and transportation challenges:

o Since the fighting started a total of eight humanitarian workers have been killed. The most recent occurred on May 20 and 22.

o A total of eight health workers have also been killed.

o On June 1st, armed actors looted a WFP warehouse in El Obeid. These looters took an unspecified amount of in-kind food assistance. The WFP reports that more than $60 million in WFP humanitarian supplies have been looted or destroyed in Sudan since April 15.

· The 2023 Sudan Humanitarian Response Plan has been revised with the aim to give urgent assistance to those affected by the fighting:

o 18.1 million people are now in need of humanitarian assistance, for which $2.56 billion is needed.

o The health cluster needs $178.6 million to reach 7.6 million out of the 11 million in need of life saving humanitarian health services.


· UNICEF Sudan Country Office Humanitarian Situation Report No. 5 (SAF-RSF Clashes) 03 June 2023

· Sudan - Complex Emergency Fact Sheet #9, Fiscal Year (FY) 2023

· Sudan, conflict - ETC Situation Report #2 (Reporting period: 27/05/2023 to 02/06/2023)

· Sudan: Health Cluster Sitrep #1 (31 May 2023)

· Sudan: Clashes between SAF and RSF - Flash Update No. 14 (28 May 2023)

· WFP Sudan Twitter Page

· OCHA Sudan Twitter Page

· Sudanese Red Crescent Society Twitter Page


Logistics Cluster Sudan Snapshot #5, 5 June 2023 (New)

WHO Foundation, Health Emergency Response for Sudan

Sudan Civil War Situation Report #5
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