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Sudanese Civil War Situation Report #4


· The conflict between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces continues.

· As of May 8th, more than 550 civilians have been killed and more than 4,900 have been injured.

· There are more than 730,000 internally displaced people.

· Humanitarian actors continue to work on expanding humanitarian operations and reaching those most in need, but additional funding is urgently needed.

· Looting of humanitarian supplies continues. On May 9th, the World Food Programme (WFP) reported that nearly 25% of their food supplies have been stolen.

· The EU has launched a Humanitarian Air Bridge to transport humanitarian aid to Port Sudan.

· Healthcare and Public Health Update:

o In Khartoum, fewer than one-fifth of health facilities remain fully functional, and 60% are not functioning.

o Following the initial occupation of the National Public Health Laboratory, the World Health Organization (WHO) conducted a follow up risk assessment and noted that the laboratory cannot perform its vital role because of lack of staff, the occupation of the facility and the lack of electricity.

o In West Darfur’s Ag Geneina town, the Expanded Program on Immunization building was reportedly burned down on May 6th.

o The Ag Geneina Teaching Hospital has been looted.

· WFP has warned that hunger in the country is at record levels. Another 2.5 million more people could face hunger because of this conflict.


· Sudan: EU launches Humanitarian Air Bridge to provide essential supplies

· Sudan: Clashes between SAF and RSF - Flash Update No. 11 (10 May 2023)

· Sudan Protection Hotspots and Conflict Events - 08 May 2023

· World Health Organization Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office Twitter Page

· WFP Sudan Twitter Page

· OCHA Sudan Twitter Page


WHO Foundation, Health Emergency Response for Sudan

Sudan Civil War Situation Report #4
Download PDF • 176KB

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