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Sudanese Civil War Situation Report #12

Sudan Civil War Situation Report #12
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·         Ongoing clashes between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and Rapid Support Forces (RSF) have continued since the outbreak of the conflict.

·         About 25 million people need humanitarian assistance and support.

·         More than 8.6 million people (16% of the population) have fled their homes since the conflict started:

o   There are 6.5 million Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

o   A total of 3.8 million IDPs were displaced prior to the conflict. 

o   Chad is currently hosting nearly 40% of Sudanese refugees in the region, with Eastern Chad seeing a constant influx. Many refugees arrive with severe injuries and malnutrition, straining the already weak health system.

·         The Sudanese Red Crescent Society is continuing to provide assistance throughout the country:

o   On April 5th, health materials and 1,686 shelter kits were provided to 2,000 beneficiaries.

o   As of April 6th, they have continued to provide food aid to shelter centers in the three sectors of Port Sudan.  This included 2,459 beneficiaries at 24 shelter centers.

·         The World Health Organization (WHO) reported as of April 15th, there were the following cases of infectious disease reported in the country:

o   11,000 cases of Cholera

o   8,300 cases of Dengue

o   4,600 cases of Measles

o   1.3 million cases of Malaria

·         On April 10th, Doctors Without Borders suspended medical activities and evacuated their staff due to dangerous conditions in Wad Medani.

·         Food Security Update:

o   As of April 14th, 18 million people are facing acute food insecurity:

ü  5 million people are one step away from famine.

ü  There are 730,000 children that are malnourished.

o   The World Food Programme (WFP) has delivered its first shipment of food aid to Darfur in months:

ü  It consisted of two convoys crossing from Chad and carried food and nutrition assistance for around 250,000 people. 

ü  The WFP is demanding that additional humanitarian routes be open.

·         On April 15th, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) announced that donors have contributed $108 million to the Sudan Humanitarian Fund since the conflict began. 

·         Violations of International Humanitarian Law:

o   Since April 4th, the RSF and allied militias have launched a series of attacks on several villages west of El Fasher, North Darfur.  These attacks have killed at least 15 civilians.

o   On April 6th, at least 28 people were killed and more than 240 injured after the RSF attacked the town of Um Adam.

o   The Emergency Lawyers documented an act of gender-based violence against a girl on April 11th in the Tuti area in Khartoum.

o   RSF artillery targeted a house on April 12th that was hosting a wedding event in the Hab Al-Naseem neighborhood in the eastern Al-Jarif area of ​​Khartoum.  This attack killed at least 13 people.   



·         Sudan: One Year of Conflict - Key Facts and Figures (15 April 2024)

·         Sudan Situation: UNHCR External Update #56, 10 April 2024

·         Atrocity Alert No. 390: Sudan, Myanmar (Burma) and the UN Human Rights Council

·         Sudan: Emergency Response to Internal Displacement, January - March 2024

·         UNOCHA Sudan Twitter Page

·         WFP Sudan Twitter Page 

·         WHO Sudan Twitter Page

·         Sudanese Red Crescent Society Twitter Page

·         Youth Citizens Observers Network Twitter Page  

·         Emergency Lawyers Twitter Page 

·         Conflict Observatory Twitter Page 





WHO Foundation, Health Emergency Response for Sudan


Youth Citizens Observers Network, March 2024 Report (New)




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