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Sudanese Civil War Situation Report #10

· Violence and atrocities continue unabated in Sudan as the conflict between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) continues.

· There are now up to 9,000 fatalities and there are 25 million people in need of assistance.

· This is now the largest internal displacement crisis in the world with over 7.1 million people displaced within the country.

· Health and Public Health Update:

· The World Health Organization (WHO) and other UN partners have been supporting the Federal Ministry of Health and state ministries of health to maintain vital services across the country but are increasingly challenged by the limitations in safety and security, access, and resourcing:

ü Health workers have gone without pay for months, and health facilities have been occupied, looted, or destroyed.

ü Further health system disruptions will result in unacceptably high numbers of preventable deaths among children and vulnerable populations.

ü Urgent action is needed now to preserve Sudan’s health systems, especially at the community and primary healthcare levels.

· WHO is supporting 21 mobile health clinics in eight states with medical supplies, operational costs, incentives to health workers and technical assistance:

ü A total of 47,300 people has accessed primary healthcare through these mobile clinics.

· Cholera Outbreak:

ü This outbreak occurred between September 26th to October 7th in the Gedaref, Khartoum and South Kordofan states.

ü There were 1,457 suspected cases and 64 deaths.

ü Humanitarian agencies have scaled up their response to the outbreak.

ü With support from partners, the Ministry of Health is coordinating efforts to scale up access to clean water and sanitation facilities, and awareness of transmission risks and proper hygiene practices.

· There have been 58 attacks on health care since the onset of the violence on April 15th:

ü 37 attacks have impacted facilities.

ü 23 attacks impacted healthcare personnel.

ü These attacks resulted in 31 deaths and 38 injuries.

· Between 70% to 80% of hospitals are non-functional.

· Functioning healthcare facilities in non-conflict-affected states are becoming overwhelmed due to increased demand for their services and are also grappling with severe shortages of vital medical supplies and healthcare professionals.

· The revised 2023 Sudan Humanitarian Response Plan appeal is only 33.5% funded as of October 19th.

· Atrocity Crimes Update:

o There continues to be reports of rape and sexual violence and clashes are increasingly taking place along ethnic lines, particularly in Darfur.

o At least 45 aid workers have been killed or detained since April 15th.

o Rocket shells, bombardments and heavy artillery continue to hit densely populated urban areas, destroying large parts of cities and killing and injuring civilians, particularly in Khartoum and Omdurman.

o In Darfur, RSF and Arab allied militia continue to perpetrate abuses against Massalit populations and those from other non-Arab communities.


· Sudan Humanitarian Update (19 October 2023)

· Sudan: Cholera outbreak Flash Update No. 1, As of 17 October 2023

· At a Glance: Protection Impact from the Conflict, Update no. 18, 15 October 2023

· Atrocity Alert No. 367: Nagorno-Karabakh, Sudan and China

· UNOCHA Sudan Twitter Page

· WHO Sudan Twitter Page


Sudan: Scenarios - Possible developments in people’s ability to meet their needs over the next 12 months in Sudan (October 2023) (New)

WHO Foundation, Health Emergency Response for Sudan

Sudan Civil War Situation Report #10
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