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Russian Invasion of Ukraine Situation Report #92

  • The Ukrainian military is reporting the following Russian losses:

o 303,270 Soldiers (Wounded or Killed) o 5,265 Tanks o 9,901 Armored vehicles o 7,328 Artillery o 5,495 Drones o 322 Aircraft o 324 Helicopters o 1,551 Cruise missiles

  • The Ukrainian military has continued to shoot down Russian air strikes:

o 18 Drones and one cruise missile were shot down on November 1st. o 24 of 40 drones were shot down on November 2nd.

  • International Military Assistance Update:

o Germany has announced a new assistance package, which includes: ü 12 Armored Personnel Carriers ü Two air surveillance radar systems ü Seven reconnaissance drones ü Two AMPS self-protection systems for helicopters ü Five unmanned surface vessels ü 32 Satellite communications terminals ü 30,000 winter clothing sets o The U.S. Department of Defense on November 3rd announced additional security assistance worth $425 million. This packet includes: ü Additional munitions for National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems ü Additional ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems ü 155mm and 105mm artillery rounds ü Tube-Launched Optically Tracked, Wire-Guided missiles. ü Javelin and AT-4 anti-armor systems ü More than 3 million rounds of small arms ammunition and grenades ü Demolitions munitions for obstacle clearing. ü M18A1 Claymore anti-personnel munitions ü 12 trucks to transport heavy equipment. ü Cold weather gear ü Spare parts, maintenance, and other field equipment ü Additional laser-guided munitions to counter Unmanned Aerial Systems.

  • The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense is reporting the following:

o Loss of some of Russian long-range Surface to Air Missile Launchers: ü Russia has likely lost at least four long range Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) launchers to Ukrainian strikes over the last week. On October 26th, Russian media reported that three Russian SA-21 launchers had been destroyed in the Luhansk region. ü Ukrainian sources reported additional Russian air defense losses in Crimea. Russia has long prioritized ample, high-tech, long range SAM systems as a key component of its military strategy. ü The recent losses highlight that Russia's Integrated Air Defense System continues to struggle against modern precision strike weapons and will highly likely increase the already significant strain on remaining systems and operators. ü There is a realistic possibility that as Russia replaces the destroyed systems in Ukraine it will weaken its air defenses in other operational areas. o Russian One-Way Uncrewed Drones: ü Russia’s Lancet small one-way-attack uncrewed aerial systems (OWA UAVs) have highly likely been one of the most effective new capabilities that Russia has fielded in Ukraine over the last 12 months. It is designed to be piloted over enemy territory, waiting until a target is identified, before diving towards it and detonating. ü Lancets are manufactured by the ZALA Aero Group. ZALA also make the small, unarmed Orlan 10 UAV which Russia often deploys alongside Lancet to spot targets. Ukraine has also experienced success with small OWA UAVs. ü Russia deploys Lancets to attack priority targets and they have become increasingly prominent in the key counter-battery fight, striking enemy artillery. Traditionally, Russia has used small UAVs mainly for reconnaissance. With its attack capability, Lancet has been a step change in how Russia uses this category of weapons. o Command of Russia’s Dnipro Grouping of Forces: ü As reported by Russian state-backed media, the deputy commander of Russian forces in Ukraine, Colonel General Mikhail Teplinsky, has likely personally taken over command of Russia’s Dnipro Grouping of Forces. He replaces Colonel General Oleg Makaevich. The force is responsible for the occupied areas of Kherson Oblast, including the eastern bank of the Dnipro River. ü Fighting has intensified in this area in recent weeks as Ukrainian forces have contested Russian control of the river’s eastern bank. Teplinsky is likely held in high regard by the Russian General Staff and has experience commanding operations in the area: he was the officer on the ground in charge of Russia’s relatively successful withdrawal from west of the Dnipro in November 2022. ü It is almost certain that repelling Ukrainian attacks across the Dnipro and holding territory in occupied Kherson Oblast remains a high priority objective for Russian forces in Ukraine. ü Teplinsky’s appointment is likely an indication of increased pressure on Russian forces defending the area.

  • The International Atomic Energy Agency reports that a new team of experts crossed the frontlines this week to continue monitoring nuclear safety and security at Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant.

War and Atrocity Crimes Investigations Highlights:

  • The Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine reported that between October 27 to November 3, 595 new war crimes were registered.

  • The International Commission on Missing Persons has signed agreements with the Ukrainian Ministries of Justice and Health to assist in harmonizing efforts to account for tens of thousands of people who are reported as missing.

  • On November 1st, Russian forces shelled Kharkiv region which damaged a State Emergency Services station.

Humanitarian Impact and Response and Recovery Highlights: · The Ukrainian State Emergency Services has received the following equipment: o Three fire-rescue vehicles were transferred from the German sister city of Leipzig. o Four heavy-duty fire trucks were provided by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation. o The United Kingdom provided two fire trucks. · A Russian attack in Kharkiv City produced a large-scale fire in the Osnovyansk district of the city: o State Emergency Services deployed 70 first responders and 12 trucks. o The UN Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs partners aided people who were affected. · The Ukrainian Red Cross has installed three more shelters in the Kherson region. They are planning on installing 13 more shelters. · Healthcare and Public Health Update: o The World Health Organization (WHO) has delivered medical supplies to primary healthcare facilities in four cities of the Odesa region. These supplies will cover the needs of 155,000 people living there and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from the Kherson region. o WHO and the Ministry of Health opened new primary health care clinics in the frontline communities of Tsyrkuny and Hrakove villages to replace previously destroyed facilities. · The Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) provided the following update: o The ETC installed the new repeater in Kyiv on October 25 to expand VHF radio signal coverage as part of a wider collaboration with the Ukrainian Broadcasting, Radiocommunications & Television Concern for the expansion of the VHF radio network across five locations. o A new radio programming plan is being implemented with additional frequencies for all handheld devices and vehicle radios in Ukraine for UN agencies. Russian Dis-information Campaign Highlights:

  • Russian dis-information regarding their invasion of Ukraine routinely promotes Anti-Semitic messages.

Cultural Heritage Protection Highlights:

  • The Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Information Policy on November 3rd reported that 1,711 objects of cultural infrastructure have been damaged by Russian forces.


  • Ukraine ETC Situation Report #28 (Reporting period: 01/10/2023 to 31/10/2023)

  • Damaged cultural sites in Ukraine verified by UNESCO

· Ukrainian Ministry of Defense Twitter Page · Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine Twitter Page · Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Information Policy Twitter Page · Ukrainian State Emergency Services Twitter Page

  • Ukraine Red Cross Twitter Page

  • OCHA Ukraine Twitter Page

  • WHO Ukraine Twitter Page

  • IAEA Twitter Page

· United Kingdom Ministry of Defense Twitter Page · U.S. Secretary of Defense Twitter Page · International Commission on Missing Persons Twitter Page

  • EU East Stratcom Task Force Disinformation Review Twitter Page

Resources UN Refugee Agency, Ukrainian Refugee Operational Data Portal Centre for Humanitarian Data, Ukraine Data Explorer https://data. Humanitarian Logistics Association, Ukraine Crisis Information Website ACAPS Ukraine Analysis Hub UKRAINE- HEALTH CLUSTER ACTIVITIES Dashboard U.S. Department of State, Disinformation Website U.S. Department of Defense, Support for Ukraine Alliance For Securing Democracy War in Ukraine Dis-Information Dashboard National Democratic Institute Disinformation Coordination Hub International Fact-Checking Network, Ukraine Facts Monetary Donations

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  • International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

· Ukrainian Government United 24

  • U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants

Russian Invasion of Ukraine Situation Report #92
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