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Webinar Updates (May 6-10)

Webinar Update- 05-6-24
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Protecting Houses of Worship from Arson Webinar, May 6


The Resiliency Academy, May 6-7: San Antonio, TX


Harnessing the power of AI to transform police information management Webinar, May 7


National Levee Safety Guidelines (Focus on Community Resilience) Webinar, May 7


Stakeholder engagement in conservation: Creating meaningful engagement for better conservation outcomes Webinar, May 7


Report Launch: Queering Atrocity Prevention: Europe in Focus Webinar, May 7


Accelerating localised humanitarian action: The role of national pooled funds Webinar, May 7


Seawalls, Managed Retreat, and Climate Gentrification: Notes from a Drowning City Webinar, May 7


Providing assistance to persons with disabilities in emergencies Webinar, May 7


Active Shooter Incidents for Public Safety Communications Training Course, May 7-8: Kewanee, IL


Wildfire Preparedness: Creating Communities that are More Fire-Adaptive Webinar, May 8


Enhancing School Safety Using Behavioral Threat Assessment Webinar, May 8


CBRNResponder: Mobile Resource Sets and the PIO Library Webinar, May 8


Community of Practice Webinar for Alert and Warning Communications, May 8


Israel's Regional Relations and the War in Gaza: The Economic Dimension Webinar, May 8


Artificial Intelligence and the Emergency Services Sector - Benefits and Challenges Webinar, May 8


Overview of the National Cyber Incident Response Plan Webinar, May 8


Humanitarian careers: Communications for affected communities Webinar, May 8


Domestic Violent Extremism; The Legal Standards from the DOJ Perspective Webinar, May 9


National Levee Safety Guidelines (Focus on Levee Infrastructure) Webinar, May 9


Data quality challenges and their impact on the humanitarian response cycle Webcast, May 9


Fire Weather Webinar, May 9


STOP School Violence Program FY2024 Solicitation Webinar, May 9


H5N1: What do we know so far Webinar, May 9


How Hazard Mitigation and Water Resource Planning Flow Together Webinar, May 9


EMAP Accredited Program Spotlight Webinar, May 9


Introduction to Violence Prevention Strategies and Resources Webinar, May 9


The Biden Administration’s National Cybersecurity Strategy: Opportunities and Challenges Webinar, May 9



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