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Russian Invasion of Ukraine Situation Report #77

Military and Diplomatic Highlights:

  • The Ukrainian military is reporting the following Russian losses:

o 230,260 Soldiers (Wounded or Killed) o 4,057 Tanks o 7,899 Armored vehicles o 4,220 Artillery o 315 Aircraft o 309 Helicopters o 3,573 Drones o 1,264 Cruise missiles

  • The President of Ukraine stated that progress on the frontlines has been difficult over the last week, but Ukrainian forces are making progress.

  • Russian forces over the last week have continued to target civilians, here is a summary of the latest attacks:

o June 28: An attack in Kramatorsk resulted in the deaths of eight people and 56 people were injured. o June 30: A school was destroyed in the Donetsk region which also killed two people and injured six. o July 3: Drones attacked a residential building in Sumy which killed one person.

  • The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense is reporting the following:

o Fighting in Kherson Oblast: ü Since around June 23, Ukrainian forces have almost certainly restarted deploying personnel to the east bank of the Dnipro River in Kherson Oblast, near the ruined Antonovskiy Bridge. ü Fighting intensified on the east bank from June 27. The defending Russian force includes elements of Russia’s 7th Guards Air Assault Division, part of the Dnipro Group of Forces (DGF). ü In recent weeks, Russia has highly likely reallocated elements of DGF defending the bank of the Dnipro to reinforce the Zaporizhzhia sector. ü Combat around the bridge head is almost certainly complicated by the flooding, destruction, and residual mud from the collapse of the Kakhovka Dam on June 6. o Russian Military Spending: ü In a June 2023 report, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) assessed that Russia’s military spending budget for 2023 is around 6.6 trillion rubles (USD $85.8bn). ü This equates to about 4.4% of Russian GDP compared with 3.6% in 2021, before the invasion of Ukraine. ü Russia’s true military expenditure remains uncertain due to a lack of transparency, including the use of classified budget lines, which account for approximately 22% of the Russian Government’s total budget. ü Although only part of the defense budget is spent on the war in Ukraine, the increase in spending highlights the cost of Russia’s activity in Ukraine. ü In addition, Russia almost certainly faces extra direct budgetary defense costs due to the war, including security expenses in the occupied regions and defensive measures in regions bordering Ukraine.

  • On June 27th, the U.S. Department of Defense announced additional security assistance package for Ukraine. This package, valued at up to $500 million, includes:

o Additional munitions for Patriot air defense systems o Stinger anti-aircraft systems o Additional ammunition for High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) o Demolitions munitions and systems for obstacle clearing. o Mine clearing equipment o 155mm and 105mm artillery rounds o 30 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles o 25 Stryker Armored Personnel Carriers o Tube-Launched, Optically Tracked, Wire-Guided (TOW) missiles. o Javelin anti-armor systems o AT-4 anti-armor systems o Anti-armor rockets o High-speed Anti-radiation missiles o Precision aerial munitions o Small arms and over 22 million rounds of small arms ammunition and grenades o Thermal imagery systems and night vision devices o Testing and diagnostic equipment to support vehicle maintenance and repair. o Spare parts, generators, and other field equipment

  • The International Atomic Energy Agency reported on July 3rd that the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant has been reconnected to its only available back-up power line four months after it was lost but the site’s power situation remains extremely fragile.

War and Atrocity Crimes Investigations Highlights:

  • The Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine reported that between June 23-30, 930 new war crimes were registered.

  • The International Centre for the Prosecution of the Crime of Aggression is now operational in the Hague.

Humanitarian Impact and Response and Recovery Highlights: Destruction of the Kakhovka Dam:

  • On June 27th, the Ukrainian State Emergency Services reported that the water level on the Dnipro River near the Kherson post reached its natural level. Two homes on the right bank of the Dnipro remain flooded.

  • People evacuated from the areas worst affected by the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam have reportedly started to return home.

  • Humanitarian needs (mainly access to water) in the affected areas remains high.

  • As of July 2nd, the UN and its partners have distributed 2.6 million liters of water and sent 60 truckloads of relief supplies.

  • The UN reports that over the past month, over 12,000 people have received humanitarian cash assistance.

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) is concerned that the risk of disease outbreak caused by stagnant and contaminated water in areas where limited health services are available is a great cause for concern.

  • The European Union (EU) has provided 500 generators through the rescEU reserves to Ukraine.

Other Humanitarian Assistance Updates:

  • There are now six million refugees recorded in Europe and 5.4 million displaced persons within Ukraine.

  • On June 27th, the UN reached Kupiansk in the Kharkiv region with a second inter-agency convoy this year to bring food, medicines, hygiene supplies and tarpaulin for some 1,300 residents of this community.

  • Healthcare and Public Health Update:

o There have been 1,006 attacks on healthcare in Ukraine. o The UN Childrens Fund has roving medical teams providing healthcare services to families and children in Ukraine. o The EU has received 2,759 requests for medical evacuations (as of June 27): ü A total of 2,337 requests were completed. ü 39 missions were in progress. ü 315 missions were cancelled. ü 14 missions were pending acceptance.

  • Black Sea Grain Initiative (July 1) Update:

o There have been 999 outbound voyages with 33 million tons of commodities. o A total of 3.8 million tons of wheat has been shipped to low-income counties. Russian Dis-information Campaign Highlights:

  • The Wagner mutiny caught Russian state-controlled media outlets off guard, they are now trying to rewrite the sequence of events and restore Putin’s authority. An analysis is available here.

Cultural Heritage Protection Highlights:

  • The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as of June 19th has verified damage to 260 cultural heritage sites. This includes:

o 22 Museums o 94 Buildings of historical and/or artistic interest o 19 Monuments o 12 Libraries o 1 Archive o 112 Religious sites Sources:

  • War in Ukraine: Situation report from WHO Ukraine country office. Issue No. 55, 29 June 2023

  • Ukraine - Humanitarian Impact and Response Flash Update #9: Destruction of Kakhovka Dam (27 Jun 2023)

  • Russia’s war on Ukraine | MEDEVAC operations - DG ECHO Daily Map | 27/06/2023

  • Ukraine Data Explorer

  • Damaged cultural sites in Ukraine verified by UNESCO

  • OCHA Ukraine Twitter Page

  • IAEA Twitter Page

· EU ECHO Twitter Page · Ukrainian Ministry of Defense Twitter Page · Ukrainian State Emergency Services Twitter Page · Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine Twitter Page · United Kingdom Ministry of Defense Twitter Page · U.S. Secretary of Defense Twitter Page · PolyGraph Info Twitter Page · EU East Stratcom Task Force Disinformation Review Twitter Page Resources Soufan Center IntelBrief: MORE THAN MUTINY: RUSSIA’S ASSASSINATION PLOTS AND POLITICAL PRISONERS (New) Damage assessment over Kherson City, Khersonskyi Region, Khersonska Oblast, Ukraine as of 17 June 2023 - Imagery Analysis: 17/06/2023 | Published: 26/06/2023 V1 (New) The Wagner Group's Metamorphosis Through the Lens of Putin's Lies (New) UN Refugee Agency, Ukrainian Refugee Operational Data Portal Centre for Humanitarian Data, Ukraine Data Explorer https://data. Humanitarian Logistics Association, Ukraine Crisis Information Website ACAPS Ukraine Analysis Hub UKRAINE- HEALTH CLUSTER ACTIVITIES Dashboard U.S. Department of State, Disinformation Website U.S. Department of Defense, Support for Ukraine Alliance For Securing Democracy War in Ukraine Dis-Information Dashboard National Democratic Institute Disinformation Coordination Hub International Fact-Checking Network, #Ukraine Facts Monetary Donations

  • Ukrainian Red Cross: Cryptocurrency and PayPal

  • United Nations Crisis Relief

  • UN Refugee Agency Donations

  • UN Migration Agency Donations

  • UNESCO Paypal Account

  • International Council of Museums

  • Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund

  • WHO Foundation, Ukraine

  • Center for International Disaster Information

  • Center for Disaster Philanthropy, Ukraine

  • International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

· Ukrainian Government United 24

  • U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants

Russian Invasion of Ukraine Situation Report #77
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