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Russian Invasion of Ukraine Situation Report #57

Military and Diplomatic Highlights:

· As of January 22nd, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights recorded 18,483 civilian casualties (7,068 killed and 11,415 injured) in the country.

· The Ukrainian military reports the following Russian losses:

o 124,710 Soldiers (Wounded or Killed)

o 3,182 Tanks

o 6,340 Armored vehicles

o 2,180 Artillery

o 292 Aircraft

o 283 Helicopters

o 1,941 Drones

o 18 Ships

· On January 26th, the Ukrainian military reported that Russia launched 55 missiles and 24-Iranian made drones at targets in Ukraine. A total of 47 missiles were intercepted and all 24 drones were destroyed.

· The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense is reporting the following:

o Over the last six days, Russian online commentators have claimed Russian forces have made significant advances, breaking through Ukrainian defenses in two areas: in Zaporizhzhia Oblast near Orikiv, and 100km to the east, in Donetsk Oblast, near Vuhledar:

ü Russian units have probably conducted local, probing attacks near Orikiv and Vuhledar, but it is highly unlikely that Russia has achieved any substantive advances.

ü There is a realistic possibility that Russian military sources are deliberately spreading misinformation to imply that the Russian operation is sustaining momentum.

o Russia has likely completed training of the 2nd Guards Motor Rifle Division (GMRD) in Belarus, which had been carrying out training since autumn 2022:

ü Most of the 2nd GMRD has now transferred back to Russia, before almost certainly being recommitted to operations in Ukraine.

ü The 2nd GMRD is an element of the 1st Guards Tank Army and suffered major losses in the opening phases of the conflict.

ü It is now primarily made up of mobilized personnel operating older equipment taken from storage. Its combat effectiveness will likely be limited despite several weeks of training.

ü There is a realistic possibility that other Russian units are being rotated into Belarus for similar training, and that Russia will continue this model to regenerate and prepare units to maintain its force in Ukraine.

· The United States of America has announced that 31 Abrams battle tanks will be sent to Ukraine:

o Along with the tanks, the U.S. will be providing parts and equipment to maintain the tanks.

o Several M88 recovery vehicles will be sent as well.

· The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is reporting the following as of January 26th:

o In the last few days explosions have been reported at the Zaporizhzhya plant.

o The Ukrainian government has informed the IAEA that they have reduced power output at all the country’s nuclear power plants because of Russian shelling of their energy infrastructure.

o The IAEA continues to push for the establishment of protection zones around all the plants.

War and Atrocity Crimes Investigations Highlights:

· The Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine is reporting that between January 20-27, a total of 1,193 new crimes were registered.

· The International Commission on Missing Persons program to identify Ukrainians that have gone missing was began in 2022. The background on this program is available here.

Humanitarian Impact and Response and Recovery Highlights:

· The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) is reporting the following as of January 27th:

o There are now 8 million refugees recorded across Europe.

o A total of 5.9 million people are now internally displaced.

· On January 20th, a UN convoy delivered humanitarian aid to Ukrainian territories near the front-line town of Soledar in the Donetsk region:

o The supplies will support more than 800 people who remain in communities near Soledar.

o These supplies included food, water, hygiene kits and medical supplies.

· The Russian missile attack on January 26th has resulted in power outages in the Kyiv, Odesa and Vinnitsa regions:

o UN OCHA has stated that the targeting of civilian energy infrastructure is a violation of international humanitarian law.

o The attacks resulted in two fires and damage to 35 buildings.

o A total of 11 people were killed and 11 were injured.

· Ukrainian Red Cross Update:

o A total of 15.5 thousand people in Transcarpathia have received psychosocial support.

o Five Psychosocial Support Centers have been opened in Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Poltava, Khmelnytskyi and Uzhhorod.

o In cooperation with the Italian Red Cross an additional 120 shelters will be opened throughout the country to support internally displaced persons.

· Healthcare and Public Health Update:

o The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that Ukraine has sufficient supplies of routine vaccines. However, according to 2022 data the level of vaccination coverage in the country remains lower than recommended by WHO.

o WHO has also delivered 26 ambulances to the Ministry of Health. This delivery was funded by the EU.

· Food Security Update:

o The Black Sea Grain Initiative as of January 25th has accomplished the following:

ü There was a total of 681 outbound voyages that has included 19 million tons of commodities.

ü 42% of the wheat shipped has been shipped to lower-income countries.

o Through the EU Solidarity Lanes, Ukraine has been able to export 20 metric tons of grain and oilseeds. Additional details are available here.

· Energy Update:

o The European Union Civil Protection Mechanism as of January 25th has provided the Ukrainian government with the following energy support:

ü 1,239 Transformers

ü 1,427 Generators

ü 5.1 million other energy materials

· The EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Organization has opened a new logistical hub for energy supplies in Komorowo, Poland.

Russian Dis-information Campaign Highlights:

· On January 18th the Russian Foreign Ministry claimed that the Western coalition aiding Ukraine wants to annihilate the Russian people. Here is the fact check.

· The head of the Wagner group has rejected the United States labeling the Wagner Group a transnational criminal organization. The crimes of this group though are well documented.

· Russian disinformation campaign against Ukraine frequently relies on Anti-Semitic messaging. Details are available here.

· The Russian disinformation campaign frequently paints Russia as a mighty superpower and a victim. An analysis of this messaging duality is available here.

Cultural Heritage Protection Highlights:

· The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as of January 23rd has verified damage to 236 sites. This includes:

o 105 Religious sites

o 18 Museums

o 83 Buildings of historical and/or artistic interest

o 19 Monuments

o 11 Libraries

· On January 25th, UNESCO added Odesa to the World Heritage List.

· The Protecting Cultural Heritage from the Consequences of Disasters Network has responded to Ukraine’s request to protect their cultural heritage through several projects. Details are available here.


· Ukraine - Russia’s war on Ukraine, update (DG ECHO, UN, Ukraine govermnent, media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 27 January 2023)

· War in Ukraine: situation report from WHO Ukraine country office. Issue No. 42, 25 January 2023

· Ukraine: Civilian casualties as of 24:00, 22 January 2023

· Ukraine Data Explorer

· Damaged cultural sites in Ukraine verified by UNESCO

· OCHA Ukraine Twitter Page

· IAEA Twitter Page

· EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Twitter Page

· Ukrainian Ministry of Defense Twitter Page

· Ukrainian State Emergency Services Twitter Page

· Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine Twitter Page

· Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Information Policy Twitter Page

· Ukrainian Red Cross Twitter Page

· United Kingdom Ministry of Defense Twitter Page

· U.S. Department of Defense Twitter Page

· PolyGraph Info Twitter Page

· EU East Stratcom Task Force for Disinformation Review Twitter Page

· ICMP Twitter Page

· Protecting Cultural Heritage from the Consequences of Disasters-Network Twitter Page


Russia’s War on Ukraine | Generators and transformers offered to Ukraine - DG ECHO Daily Map | 26/01/2023 (New)

UN Refugee Agency, Ukrainian Refugee Operational Data Portal

Centre for Humanitarian Data, Ukraine Data Explorer

Humanitarian Logistics Association, Ukraine Crisis Information Website

ACAPS Ukraine Analysis Hub


U.S. Department of State, Disinformation Website

Alliance For Securing Democracy War in Ukraine Dis-Information Dashboard

National Democratic Institute Disinformation Coordination Hub

International Fact-Checking Network, #Ukraine Facts

Monetary Donations

· UN Refugee Agency Donations

· UN Migration Agency Donations

· UNESCO Paypal Account

· WHO Foundation, Ukraine

· Center for Disaster Philanthropy, Ukraine

· Ukrainian Government United 24

Russian Invasion of Ukraine Situation Report #57
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