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Moroccan Earthquake Situation Report #5


· There is restricted access to earthquake affected areas. The government is leading ongoing efforts for road clearance and locations which were initially not accessible by vehicles.

· The continued risk of landslides and the large distances involved are also complicating the rescue and relief efforts.

· The Moroccan government reports that as of September 13th, there are 2,946 Fatalities and 5,674 people injured.

· The current humanitarian needs are:

o Water and sanitation

o Sheltering

o Healthcare and medical equipment

o Food assistance

o Heavy search and rescue equipment

o Non-Food Items

· A total of 3,001 healthcare workers have been deployed to assist survivors.

· The Qatar Red Crescent Society is working with the Moroccan Red Crescent Society on delivering relief supplies.

· The Government of Morocco is managing the emergency response with limited presence of international actors.

· The Smithson Cultural Rescue Initiative, Penn Cultural Heritage Center, the Virginia Museum of Natural History, and the Cultural Heritage Monitoring Lab have released a rapid report confirming extensive damage to the Tinmel Mosque:

o The four exterior walls and the interior of the mosque were severely damaged by the earthquake.

o The Tinmel Mosque was established in the 12th century AD.

o The mosque was added to the list of Tentative World Heritage Sites in 1995.


· Morocco - Earthquake, update (DG ECHO, Government of Morocco, Copernicus EMSR, UNITAR-UNOSAT) (ECHO Daily Flash of 15 September 2023)

· Morocco Earthquake Disaster Brief, September 2023

· Morocco and Libya Global Coordination Call, 14 September 2023

· Morocco - Earthquake September 2023: Map of shake intensity level (MMI) and impacted population by Province (12 Sep 2023)

· Moroccan Government Twitter Page

· Copernicus EMS Twitter Page

· Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Twitter Page


ACAPS Thematic report - Morocco Earthquake: province profiles for Azilal, Ouarzazate, and Marrakesh prefecture (14 September 2023) (New)

Humanitarian Data Exchange, Morocco Earthquake Website (New)

UNITAR, 6.8 Earthquake Web Map

Moroccan Government, Monetary Donations Website

Canadian Red Cross, Monetary Donations Website

Center for International Disaster Information, Monetary Donations

Center for Disaster Philanthropy, How to help Morocco’s earthquake survivors

Moroccan Earthquake Situation Report #5
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