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Moroccan Earthquake Situation Report #5


· There is restricted access to earthquake affected areas. The government is leading ongoing efforts for road clearance and locations which were initially not accessible by vehicles.

· The continued risk of landslides and the large distances involved are also complicating the rescue and relief efforts.

· The Moroccan government reports that as of September 13th, there are 2,946 Fatalities and 5,674 people injured.

· The current humanitarian needs are:

o Water and sanitation

o Sheltering

o Healthcare and medical equipment

o Food assistance

o Heavy search and rescue equipment

o Non-Food Items

· A total of 3,001 healthcare workers have been deployed to assist survivors.

· The Qatar Red Crescent Society is working with the Moroccan Red Crescent Society on delivering relief supplies.

· The Government of Morocco is managing the emergency response with limited presence of international actors.

· The Smithson Cultural Rescue Initiative, Penn Cultural Heritage Center, the Virginia Museum of Natural History, and the Cultural Heritage Monitoring Lab have released a rapid report confirming extensive damage to the Tinmel Mosque:

o The four exterior walls and the interior of the mosque were severely damaged by the earthquake.

o The Tinmel Mosque was established in the 12th century AD.

o The mosque was added to the list of Tentative World Heritage Sites in 1995.


· Morocco - Earthquake, update (DG ECHO, Government of Morocco, Copernicus EMSR, UNITAR-UNOSAT) (ECHO Daily Flash of 15 September 2023)

· Morocco Earthquake Disaster Brief, September 2023

· Morocco and Libya Global Coordination Call, 14 September 2023

· Morocco - Earthquake September 2023: Map of shake intensity level (MMI) and impacted population by Province (12 Sep 2023)

· Moroccan Government Twitter Page

· Copernicus EMS Twitter Page

· Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Twitter Page


ACAPS Thematic report - Morocco Earthquake: province profiles for Azilal, Ouarzazate, and Marrakesh prefecture (14 September 2023) (New)

Humanitarian Data Exchange, Morocco Earthquake Website (New)

UNITAR, 6.8 Earthquake Web Map

Moroccan Government, Monetary Donations Website!ut/p/b1/vdHRToMwFIDhZ9kDSE8p0O6ywBQFG6CdjN4s6NQAMowYt_H0Y4lXS-ZuTNurJn_Ol-YgjUoMmBCKXdtDK6S31U_9Xn3X_bb6OL21t2bxo8d8zIElDIBnIkjlbUZiDKhApT9V5VTBhcPh-hB9loTilKiU8dgFyMlv8AdRTgG9jGCk0AqctWwOn_djO-bNmI1qMdhq2e9xC6NUSgp1B0IUeAjzZJq6FwvHHhoJKox3UqTp5ilf-jyItJNsroHEMBg5pkHPLMhD4z80vcM5mAbtfwcfkK6fO2v30llgAQPmEaAYU0zdOSWoCJCI-u4VdfrrcNO-ifPr8NnsCPNgKW8!/dl4/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/

Canadian Red Cross, Monetary Donations Website

Center for International Disaster Information, Monetary Donations

Center for Disaster Philanthropy, How to help Morocco’s earthquake survivors

Moroccan Earthquake Situation Report #5
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