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Moroccan Earthquake Situation Report #3

· Search and rescue efforts remain ongoing in the affected areas. An additional 30 ambulances have been dispatched to the affected areas.

· As of September 11th, there are now 2,862 fatalities and 2,562 people injured.

· Healthcare Update:

o The Moroccan government has deployed 2,500 healthcare workers.

o The earthquake has caused significant damage to the healthcare infrastructure, with hospitals and clinics unable to function due to structural damage.

· Damage Assessment:

o A complete damage assessment is not yet available, but the Moroccan Red Crescent Society is reporting that at least 329 buildings were affected in 25 communities.

o The Ministry of National Education reported that 530 educational institutions and 55 boarding institutions were damaged.

· Moroccan Red Crescent Society (MCRS) Update:

o MCRS is providing the following services in the affected areas:

ü Evacuation assistance

ü First aid

ü Emergency medical transports

ü Fatality management

ü Psychological support

o A total of 230 volunteers and 60 paramedics have been deployed.

· International Assistance:

o Search and rescue teams from the United Kingdom, Spain and Qatar have been deployed.

o On September 9th, the U.S. Agency for International Development has deployed a team to the region.

o The Qatar Red Crescent has allocated $274,600 to the MCRS.

o The European Union has released one million Euros in humanitarian aid. This funding aims to support the relief efforts carried out by humanitarian partners in the country.


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Moroccan Earthquake Situation Report #3
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