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Moroccan Earthquake Situation Report #1


· On September 8th a 6.8 magnitude earthquake occurred in Morocco. The epicenter of the earthquake was 44 miles southwest of Marrakesh. The areas most affected are remote and mountainous and not easily reached.

· The Moroccan National Institute of Geophysics stated that this level of seismic activity is the first recorded in a century.

· The Moroccan government is reporting 1,037 fatalities and 1,832 injured.

· The Moroccan government has begun response efforts. The initial priorities are:

o Strengthen search and rescue teams.

o Speed up the process of evacuating the wounded.

o Provide the affected areas with safe drinking water.

· The Royal Armed Forces has deployed search and rescue teams, medical personnel, and a mobile surgical hospital to the affected areas.

· Moroccan Red Crescent teams were immediately deployed and are supporting local authorities to assess the situation, support search and rescue operation and providing mass care assistance.

· The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent has released one million Swiss Francs from the Disaster Response Emergency Fund to support the Moroccan Red Crescent.

· The Pacific Disaster Center conducted an analysis of likely impacts, here are the results:

o An estimated 5.78 million people are exposed, this includes 289,273 vulnerable individuals.

o 54 Hospitals are estimated to be exposed.

o The breakdown of population needs is:

ü 607 million calories per day

ü 867,820 liters of water per day

· International Support:

o The UN Secretary-General has stated that the UN is ready to assist Morocco.

o The United Nations Satellite Centre has been activated to support relief efforts.

o The EU has activated the Copernicus Emergency Management Services for satellite mapping support.

· Cultural Heritage Impact:

o Blue Shield France is reporting that the tomb of Al-Mahdi ibn Tumart in the Tanmal Mosque was destroyed by the earthquake.

o Damage has also been reported in parts of Marrakesh's Medina, which is a World Heritage Site.


· ReliefWeb Morocco Earthquake Website

· Morocco Earthquake – Flash Update #1, As of 9 September 2023, 1700

· Morocco - Earthquake ( DG ECHO, media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 09 September 2023)

· Pacific Disaster Center Twitter Page

· OCHA MENA Twitter Page

· UNOSAT Twitter Page

· Moroccan Government Twitter Page

· Moroccan Directorate General of National Security Twitter Page

· IFRC MENA Twitter Page

· Blue Cross France Twitter Page


UNITAR, 6.8 Earthquake Web Map

Earthquake: Marrakesh-Safi, Morocco (08 September 2023)

Moroccan Earthquake Situation Report #1
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