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Maui Wildfires Situation Report #4

· The three remaining fires in Maui are:

o Lahaina Fire: 2,170 acres and is 85% contained. Multiple fire crews are assigned to monitor and address any flareups but there are no active threats.

o Upcountry Fire: 678 acres and is 60% contained. There are hot spots in gulches and other hard to reach places. During the daylight hours, air support was deployed to hit hot spots.

o Pulehu Fire: 2,000 acres and is 100% contained. Fire personnel are staying vigilant for any flare-ups but there are no active threats.

· As of August 13th, at 9pm HST there are now 96 confirmed fatalities.

· The American Red Cross reports that there are seven emergency shelters (6 on Maui and 1 on Oahu) with a population of 578 people. No media is permitted in these shelters.

· Hawaiian Public Schools Update:

o Schools will begin a phased reopening starting next week.

o Staff that are on administrative leave will continue to be paid.

o They are working on a reassignment and relocation strategy of affected staff.

o The King Kamehameha III Elementary School was damaged beyond repair.

· Project Camp is collaborating with the Maui YMCA and the Kama'aina Kids to provide a free day camp for children on Maui. Details are available here.

· The Maui Humane Society is preparing to receive and care for hundreds of animals injured or lost during evacuations. Information on lost and found animals is available here.

· Healthcare and Public Health Update:

o Maui Health clinicians and physicians are providing first-aid, wound care, health and wellness checks, pharmacy services and providing baby formula for all community members in need at two park locations.

o Kaiser Permanente (KP) is also providing medical services to KP members and non-members at three locations on the island. Details are available here.

o The Hawaiian Department of Health, Maui Community Health Center is offering crisis mental health services and expanding hours to those experiencing emotional or psychological distress.

· Infrastructure, Transportation and Power Restoration Updates:

o The unsafe water advisory remains in place for West Maui.

o 20 cellular towers remain offline.

o The Kapalua Airport will close nightly for safety reasons. The runway that was closed for cargo operations has been reopened for all traffic.

o As of 9:30am EST a total of 4,510 customers remains without power.

· State Response and Recovery Updates:

o The State Emergency Operations Centers remains fully activated.

o Hawaiian Electric and the Hawaiian Housing Finance and Development Corporation has launched a Fire Relief Housing Program. This program will assist Maui residents with available housing. Details on this program are available here.

o The Hawaiian Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster is supporting the recruitment of volunteers for their member organizations. Details are available here.

· Federal Response and Recovery Updates:

o Over 300 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) employees and more than 140 Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) team members have been deployed.

o 17 specialists from the Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team have been deployed to Maui.

o Three additional Human Remains Detection K9 teams have been requested.

o On August 14th, FEMA activated the Transitional Sheltering Assistance and Critical Needs Assistance Program:

ü These programs provide relief to survivors by supplying shelter, or money to cover urgent needs like food, water, or medical supplies.

o The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service approved Hawaii’s request for impacted Child Nutrition Programs and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits.

o The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has completed the installation of mobile temporary power units to help restore power to some locations in West Maui.

o The U.S. Coast Guard is shifting its operations to minimizing maritime environmental impacts due to the wildfires.


· FEMA Daily Operations Briefing, August 14th

· FEMA, Federal Agencies Continue Hawaii Response Efforts

· Maui Residents May be Eligible for Transitional Sheltering, Critical Needs

· FEMA Twitter Page

· National US&R Response System Facebook Page

· U.S. Coast Guard Hawaii Pacific Facebook Page

· Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Twitter Page

· Hawaii Public Schools Twitter Page

· Hawaii Department of Transportation Twitter Page

· Maui County Facebook and Twitter Pages

· Hawaii Red Cross Twitter Page

· Hawaiian Electric - Maui County Twitter Page

· Maui Humane Society Facebook Page

· World Heritage USA Twitter Page

· Project Camp Twitter Page


FEMA Rumor Control Website (New)

Humane Society of the United States, Response to the Maui Fires (New)

World Heritage USA Statement on the Wildfire Destruction in Hawaii (New)

Maui Fires Central Information Website

FEMA, Hawaii Wildfires

NIFC Fire Information for Resource Management System

Monetary Donations:

· Hawaii VOAD (New)

· Council of Native Hawaiian Advancement, Kako’o Maui

· Salvation Army, Hawaii

· Hawaiʻi Community Foundation, Maui Strong Fund

· Lahaina Restoration Foundation, Cultural Heritage Sites Fund

· Center for Disaster Philanthropy, Hawaii Wildfires Recovery Fund

Maui Wildfires Situation Report #4
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