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Lewiston, ME Mass Shooting Situation Report #4- FINAL


· The suspect’s body was found in a trailer at the overflow parking lot at the Maine Recycling Corporation in Lisbon:

o Two handguns were found with his body and a long gun was found in his vehicle.

o A note was found at his home which contained personal information for a family member to access his phone and bank accounts.

o The exact motive of the shooting is still being investigated but there is a mental health component.

· The two scenes are still being processed and will likely be released early next week.

· More than 820 tips were received.

· The suspect’s family has been cooperating throughout the investigation and were among the first individuals to identify him in the pictures that were released.

· The Federal Bureau of Investigation has deployed more than 350 personnel to support the investigation and manhunt.


· City of Lewiston Press Conference 10/28/2023 - 10:00 a.m.

· Maine Emergency Management Agency Twitter Page

· FBI Boston Twitter Page


Maine Emergency Management Agency, Lewiston Assistance and Donation Resources (New)

Maine Governor, Healing Together: Supporting Victims and Families of the Tragedy in Lewiston (New)

FBI Resources for Victims: Lewiston, Maine Shootings

Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Behavioral Health Resources for Those Affected by the Violence in Lewiston

Lewiston ME Mass Shooting Situation Report #4
Download PDF • 151KB

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