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Lewiston, ME Mass Shooting Situation Report #3

· At 7:45pm near Lisbon Falls, the suspect’s body was discovered. He died due to an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

· The investigation into the shootings will continue to provide some closure to the families of the deceased.

· At least 530 tips have been received. The public is encouraged to upload any videos and/or photos to the Digital Media Tipline.

· The identities of the victims have been released; they are:

o Ronald Morin (55)

o Peyton Brewer (40)

o Joshua Seal (36)

o Bryan MacFarlane (41)

o Joseph Lawrence (52)

o Arthur Fred (42)

o Maxx Hathaway (35)

o Stephen Vozzella (45)

o Thomas Conrad (34)

o Michael Deslauriers II (51)

o Jason Adam Walker (51)

o Tricia Asselin (53)

o William Young (44)

o Aaron Young (14)

o Robert Violette (76)

o Lucille Violette (73)

o William Frank Brackett (48)

o Keith Macneir (64)

· The shelter-in-place order for Lewiston, Lisbon, Bowdoin, and Monmouth have been lifted.

· A Family Assistance Center will open on October 28th at the Lewiston Armory:

o This will be a central location for victims and their support persons to gather so they don’t have to make multiple stops as they seek assistance.

o This space is also open for those individuals who were present at the shooting sites, but not physically injured.

· A separate site providing mental health counseling assistance will open at the Ramada Inn in Lewiston, ME:

o This site will service the larger community and will also open on October 28th.

· Businesses in Lewiston that were adversely affected by the shelter-in-place order can contact the city’s Economic and Community Development Department.


· City of Lewiston Facebook Page

· Maine Emergency Management Agency Twitter Page

· Maine State Police Facebook Page

· FBI Boston Twitter Page


Governor Mills Statement on Discovery of the Body of Robert Card (New)

FBI Resources for Victims: Lewiston, Maine Shootings (New)

Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Behavioral Health Resources for Those Affected by the Violence in Lewiston

Lewiston ME Mass Shooting Situation Report #3
Download PDF • 220KB

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