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Hurricane Idalia Situation Report #3

· Response and recovery efforts remain ongoing in Florida and Georgia.

· State of Florida Updates:

o Evacuation orders have been lifted in 22 counties, but seven (mandatory and voluntary) orders remain in place.

o Four shelters are currently open.

o Healthcare Update:

ü A total of 60 medical facilities were fully or partially evacuated.

ü 82 facilities remain on generator power.

o Nine Points of Distribution are open in Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison and Suwannee and Taylor counties.

o 13 Feeding Sites are open and being managed by Mercy Chefs, Operation BBQ Relief, Florida Baptists, Salvation Army, and Catholic Charities.

o As of this morning 97,000 customers remain without power.

o Four ports and waterways remain closed.

o The State’s Emergency Bridge Loan Program has been activated to support impacted businesses.

· State of Georgia Updates:

o One shelter is open with a population of 56 people as of this morning.

o The Salvation Army is operating canteens at eight locations in the affected areas.

o Two nursing homes (75 patients) in Chatham County were evacuated.

o A total of 76,000 customers are without power.

o All interstates, bridges, airports, and ports are now open.

o The Governor has requested a Federal Disaster Declaration from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

· American Red Cross Update:

o More than 500 disaster workers have been deployed.

o They have distributed 26,700 meals and snacks.

· RxOpen has been activated in Florida and Georgia to report on the status of pharmacies, dialysis centers, and community health centers in the affected areas.

· Federal Response and Recovery Updates:

o The President is planning on visiting the affected areas in Florida on September 2nd.

o FEMA has deployed 300 personnel.

o The National Response Coordination Center has transitioned to sustained operations.

o Three FEMA Disaster Survivor Assistance strike teams have been deployed to Florida.

o Federal Agency Updates:

ü The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has deployed teams and resources to assist the affected states with infrastructure, power assessment and temporary roofing requirements as needed.

ü The Environmental Protection Agency has issued an emergency fuel waiver to address fuel supply shortages.


· FEMA Daily Operations Briefing, September 1st

· FEMA, Federal Partners Unite to Jumpstart Hurricane Idalia Recovery Efforts

· FEMA Twitter Page

· FEMA Region 4 Twitter Page

· American Red Cross Twitter Page

· Florida Division of Emergency Management Twitter Page

· Florida Emergency Info for Idalia Website

· Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency Twitter Page

· Georgia Hurricane Idalia Website

· Craig Fugate’s Twitter Page


Florida Disaster Fund (New)

FACT SHEET: Citizenship Status and Eligibility for Disaster Assistance FAQ (New)

National VOAD Monetary Donations Guidance

Hurricane Idalia Situation Report #3
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