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Baltimore Bridge Collapse Situation Report #2

Baltimore Bridge Collapse SitRep #2
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·         At 6am ET the search and rescue operations transitioned to a recovery operation.

·         A red pick-up truck was recovered with two victims inside.

·         Because of the debris in the water, diving operations have transitioned to salvage operations. 

·         A unified command structure has been established:

o   The first priority is to reopen the waterway to the Port of Baltimore. 

·         The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been making next of kin notification to family members outside of the United States. 

·         The Port of Baltimore handles $80 Billion in foreign cargo annually and directly employs 8,000 people in the port. 

·         The State of Maryland has requested Federal Highway Administration Emergency Funds. 

·         The investigation into this incident is still ongoing:

o   The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) boarded the ship today and retrieved the ship’s data recorder.

·         The cargo ship at the time of the incident was carrying 56 containers of hazardous materials.  Some of these containers were breached and a sheen was observed in the water by the NTSB. 



·         NTSB Media Briefing 2 - Francis Scott Key Bridge struck by Cargo Ship Dali

·         Governor Wes Moore Twitter Page 

·         U.S. Department of Transportation Twitter Page 

·         Maryland Department of Emergency Management Facebook Page

·         Port of Baltimore Twitter Page 

·         NTSB Twitter Page 





U.S. Coast Guard, Key Bridge Response 2024 Website (New)


NTSB B-Roll - Investigators Aboard the Cargo Ship Dali- Video (New)


Maryland Transportation Authority Key Bridge News Website

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