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Baltimore Bridge Collapse Situation Report #1

Baltimore Bridge Collapse SitRep #1
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·         At 1:40am ET numerous 9-1-1 calls were received by Baltimore City indicated people in the water near the Francis Scott Key Bridge:

o   At 1:50am ET the first arriving Baltimore City fire unit reported that the bridge completely collapsed due to an impact from a cargo ship.

o   The cargo ship reportedly lost power and issued a mayday prior to the impact.

o   At the time of the incident a construction crew (8 people) were filling potholes on the bridge.

o   Two people were initially rescued from the river.  One refused treatment and another was transported to an area hospital with severe injuries.    

o   Search and rescue operations are ongoing in the area for the six other construction workers.

·         Ship traffic into and out of the Port of Baltimore has been suspended until further notice.  Truck traffic into the port remains open.   

·         The Marland Governor has declared a State of Emergency:

o   The State Emergency Operations Center is fully activated. 

·         The Federal Emergency Management Agency has deployed liaison officers to coordinate with local, State and Federal partners. 

·         The Federal Aviation Administration has issued a flight restriction around the bridge.  Commercial aircraft and drone operators are not permitted to fly in this area.

·         The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reports that there is no specific and/or credible information to suggest any ties to terrorism. The FBI has deployed the following resources to assist the Maryland Transportation Authority Police:

o   Supervisory special agents

o   Linguists

o   Victim specialists

o   Public information officer

o   Airport/port liaison special agent

o   Various task force officers

o   Underwater Search and Evidence Response Team divers

o   FBI Laboratory Divers

·         The National Transportation Safety Board is deploying a go team to investigate the collapse of the bridge.



·         Governor Wes Moore Press Conference on the Collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore

·         MDOT, USCG give update on Baltimore bridge collapse

·         Officials give update after Baltimore Bridge collapses | Full press conference

·         Governor Wes Moore Twitter Page 

·         U.S. Department of Transportation Twitter Page

·         FEMA Region 3 Twitter Page 

·         Maryland Department of Emergency Management Facebook Page

·         MDEM Deputy Secretary’s Twitter Page  

·         Mayor Brandon M. Scott Twitter Page

·         Baltimore County Fire Department Facebook Page 

·         Port of Baltimore Twitter Page 





Maryland Transportation Authority Key Bridge News Website

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