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Webinar Updates (May 13-17)

Webinar Update- 05-13-24
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Motivations and demotivations for volunteer responders Webinar, May 13


Today’s Threats, Tomorrow’s Health: A Discussion with CDC Leaders Webcast, May 13


NWS Partners and Users Heat Webinar, May 13


National Levee Safety Guidelines (Focus on Floodplain) Webinar, May 14


2024 Global Report on Internal Displacement Webcast, May 14


How to Create a Coordinated, Survivor-centric Community Response Plan for Mass Violence Incidents Webinar, May 14


Changing the World One Word at a Time: Conversation and Read Aloud with Rajani LaRocca Webinar, May 14


“Screwed: Britain’s Prison Crisis and How to Escape It” by Professor Ian Acheson in Conversation with CEP Advisor Liam Duffy Webinar, May 14


Operations in the Red Sea: Lessons for Surface Warfare Webcast, May 14





Never Deployed but Still at Risk: Substance Use and Mental Health Problems Among Reserve/Guard Soldiers Webinar, May 14


The power of data synthesis for understanding the effects of coastal hurricanes Webinar, May 14


Arab Gulf Views on Normalization With Israel Post Oct. 7: Prospects and Challenges Ahead Webinar, May 14


Digital Battlegrounds: Countering Radicalisation on Gaming(-adjacent) Platforms Webinar, May 14


FEMA Community Lifelines Webinar, May 14


The Challenge of Financing Global Health Webcast, May 14


Responding to Warehouses and High Challenge Facilities: Considerations for Volunteer Departments - sponsored by Stonehouse Media Webinar, May 15


Artificial Intelligence and the Emergency Services Sector: Case Studies Webinar, May 15


Fire Safety and Preparedness for Performing Arts Organizations Webinar, May 15


Developing a Practical Physical Wildfire Behavior Model Webinar, May 15




Battle Ground: Ten Conflicts that Explain the New Middle East Webinar, May 15


What does climate change mean for the future of agriculture? Insights from the IMPACT modeling system Webinar, May 15


National risk index applications in hazard mitigation planning: Practitioner case studies Webinar, May 15


Water Sector Natural Disaster Threat Briefing – Forecast and Resources for 2024 Hurricane Season Preparedness Webinar, May 15


Future-proofing your police department: Navigating the technological tsunami Webinar, May 16


Fundamentals of a Successful IPC Surveillance Program Part 1 Webinar, May 16


AT&T FirstNet ROG Webinar, May 16


Tracking Fire - Exploring Fire Usage Trends in the Southeast US with Southeast FireMap Webinar, May 16


(Mis)Understanding the Transnational Violent Extreme-Right Active Club Strategy Webinar, May 17


The future of cyber on the African continent; a conversation with Kenya's PS Tanui Webcast, May 17



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