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Webinar Updates (March 18-22)

Webinar Update- 03-18-24
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Launch of the Gender Action Plan to support the implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 Webcast, March 18


Ethical Considerations in Open-source Investigations (in collaboration with AJIL Unbound & 3 Generations of Digital Human Rights Research Project) Webinar, March 18


Disaster Response for Children's Hospitals: Strategies for Effective Planning and Response Webinar, March 18


Do we need a humanitarian manifesto for AI Webcast, March 18


Re-Imagining Belonging: Welcoming Newcomers and Creating Community Webinar, March 19


Social Determinants of Health and Disability Webinar, March 19


Ending Preventable Deaths: Prioritization of Maternal and Newborn Health in Conflict-Affected Contexts Webinar, March 19


Reforestation for Resilience: Creating Fire-Adapted Forests for the Future Webinar, March 19


CISA Region 8 Training and Exercise Resources Webinar, March 19


Section 702 of FISA: Privacy and Civil Liberties Reforms Webcast, March 19


National Resource Hub: Resource Typing Library Tool Webinar, March 19


Hitting the Terrorists’ Wallets: Understanding the growing use of US civil courts against Hamas and other terrorist organizations Webinar, March 19


CISA, Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention grants Webinar, March 19


Welcome.US Live Virtual Information Session, March 19


FBI Laboratory Decision Analysis Studies In Pattern Evidence Examinations Webinar, March 19


America's Local Public Health Landscape during the COVID-19 Era Webinar, March 19


Understanding imec: The Global Center for Cooperative Research in Semiconductors Webcast, March 19


An Uprising of Imagination: Climate Fiction for Future Ancestors Webcast, March 19



USAID/MujerProspera: Advancing Gender Equality in Northern Central America Webcast, March 19


Fire Weather Training, March 19-22: Tuscany Region, Italy


Cruel And Unusual Punishment – How the Houthis Target Women, Journalists And Religious Minorities Webinar, March 20


What is Sustainable Infrastructure? Building Consensus to Accelerate Financing Webinar, March 20


FEMA Cybersecurity Webinar at New Jersey City University​, March 20


Implementing Standards-Based Rescue Training Webinar, March 20


Emergency Response is a Geospatial Problem Webinar, March 20


The humanitarian parent: Balancing work and family in the aid sector Webinar, March 20


Pediatric Pandemic Network Children with Medical Complexity/Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs Virtual Town Hall, March 20


Mapping America's Tech Future Webcast, March 20


FEMA Public Assistance grant management system Webinar, March 20


How Sanctions Work: Iran and the Impact of Economic Warfare Webinar, March 21


The Clinical Presentation of Mpox Webinar, March 21


Fostering Sustainable Construction in Informal Areas Webinar, March 21


Attribution of extreme events to climate change Webinar, March 21


Core Humanitarian Standard Global Virtual Launch, March 21


The Espionage Investigation of Ana Belen Montes Webinar, March 21


Wildland fuel and vegetation responses after reburns Webinar, March 21


Measuring vulnerability to disasters: Presenting the risk data hub vulnerability dashboard Webinar, March 21


Texas Pediatric Readiness Improvement Project Webinar, March 21


Behind The Mask: Fundamentals of a Successful IPC Program Webinar, March 21


Making Recovery More Resilient: A Conversation on Mitigation Webinar, March 21


Catalyzing Corporate Climate Resilience: A New Leadership Imperative Webinar, March 21


5 Key Strategies for Recruiting Volunteer Drone Operators in Emergency Response Webinar, March 21


Disaster Planning for Vulnerable Populations Webinar, March 21


Fortifying Your Business: Strategies for Resilience in the Digital Age Webinar, March 21


Surveying the Future of U.S. Open Foundation Model Policy Webcast, March 21


Community Conversations with CSH Webinar, March 21


Grace, Grit, Surviving, Thriving, or All of the Above Webinar, March 22


FY 2024 Nonprofit Security Grant Program Webinar, March 22


How the Regulatory Process Can Advance Equity Webinar, March 22



Blue Book Remotely Piloted Aircraft Program Guide Webinar, March 22


PPE from A to Z: PAPRs for Respiratory Protection Webinar, March 22


Good Practices in Risk and Crisis Communication Webinar, March 22


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