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Webinar Updates (March 11-15)

Webinar Update- 03-11-24
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A Conversation with the AUKUS Army Chiefs on Land Power’s Contribution to AUKUS Pillar 2 Webcast, March 11


The War Below with Author Ernest Scheyder Webcast, March 11


Inclusive Emergency Alerts: Recommendations for Language and Disability Access Webinar, March 12


Pediatric Considerations in a Chemical Emergency & After Event Monitoring Webinar, March 12


Local Public Health Preparedness Landscape: Findings from the 2022 Preparedness Profile Webinar, March 12


Working with the Federal Government: Small Business Procurement Webinar, March 12


From Insight to Action: A Plan to Enhance Fundraising, Marketing, and Service at Food For The Poor Webinar, March 12


Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders Recruitment Webinar, March 12






Introduction to Community Disaster Recovery Webinar, March 12


Investing in Critical Minerals: A Conversation with Brian Menell Webcast, March 12


Impacts of climate and wildfire on western larch regeneration Webinar, March 12


Americans with Disabilities Act and Spanish Speaking Communities Webinar, March 12 & 14


National Resource Hub: Resource Typing Library Tool Webinar, March 13


How to Keep CERT Training Fun & Engaging Webinar, March 13


ACAPS Yemen analysis hubs presents: coping strategies in al Habilin and Al Jiblah Webinar, March 13


First Responders’ Role in Human Trafficking Prevention Webinar, March 13








Climate Change: What does the future hold for health and life insurance Webinar, March 13


Animal Decontamination in Radiation Incidents Webinar, March 13


FY 2024 Nonprofit Security Grant Program Webinar, March 14


Proposed OSHA Standard Update and What It Means for Volunteer Fire Departments Webinar, March 14


Earthquake loss modelling for disaster risk management Webinar, March 14


Iran’s Record-Low Election Turnout: Why Voters Stayed Away and What It Means for the Islamic Republic’s Future Webinar, March 14




Earthquake loss modelling for Disaster Risk Management: Linking Field Missions to Probabilistic Risk Webinar, March 14


From pets to heroes: The role of animals in disaster response and recovery Webinar, March 14



Introduction to the 2024 Joint Commission Standards for Infection Control Webinar, March 15



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