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Webinar Updates (Jan 15-19)

Webinar Update- 01-15-24
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Migrant and Refugee Health Webinar, Jan 15


Launching the rescue strike team Webinar, Jan 15


Association for Research into Crimes against Art, Postgraduate Certificate Program in Art Crime and Cultural Heritage Protection, apply by Jan 15: Italy


Climate change & disaster risk reduction-East Africa Virtual Training Course, Jan 15-Feb 23




Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Considerations for Research Webinar, Jan 16


Strengthening Public Health Preparedness Webinar, Jan 16


Trauma Series: Your Arrival on Scene Webinar, Jan 16


State Government as a Model Employer of People with Disabilities Webinar, Jan 16




Leveraging DOT Grant Funds for EMS Crash Response Improvement Webinar, Jan 16


Defining resilience with coastal communities Webinar, Jan 16


Adapting to Extreme Weather Wild Cards: Incidence of Fire Webinar, Jan 17


Announcing WMF’s Climate Heritage Initiative and 2024 Projects Portfolio Webinar, Jan 17


Navigating Conflict to Support Inclusion Webinar, Jan 17


Working Effectively with Public Health Webinar, Jan 17


Orientation to the Guidance Note on Supporting Integrated Approaches to Child Protection and Education Programming Webinar, Jan 17


Empathy: The Crucial Communication Ingredient Webinar, Jan 17


IMRF Forward Look 2024 Webinar, Jan 17



Social Media in Public Safety: Does Your Agency Have It Right? Webinar, Jan 17


Mediating Conflicts Webinar, Jan 17


CERT Call out and Deployment Webinar, Jan 17


The Public Health Crisis of Gun Violence: Your Role & Understanding as a Healthcare Provider Webinar, Jan 17


Cancer Risk Prevention Webinar, Jan 17


The REBURN Model: Simulating forest and fuel succession and disturbance dynamics of large landscapes Webinar, Jan 17


NCA5 Public Engagement Webinars, Jan 17-26


Behind The Mask: Fundamentals of a Successful IPC Program Webinar, Jan 18


How to Become a Forensic Pathologist Webinar, Jan 18






Effective Nutrition for Firefighter Health, Performance, & Retention Webinar, Jan 18


ABCs of Immigration Webinar, Jan 18


Hope Inspired Leadership Webinar, Jan 18


Human Trafficking Awareness Webinar, Jan 18


Phenology of Fire: Listening to the Plants and Animals Webinar, Jan 18


Importance of the NHERI Science Plan Webinar, Jan 19


EMAP Standard Review Webinar for Chapter 4.9: Facilities, Jan 19


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