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Webinar Updates (Dec 4-8)

Loss and damage across humanitarian action and development: from response to resilient recovery Webinar, Dec 4

Nothing without Us: A Dialogue on Disability-Inclusive Development Webinar, Dec 4

Transatlantic Cooperation on the Chronic Threat of Extremism in the Broader Mediterranean Webinar, Dec 4

Child Safety, Poison Control Webinar, Dec 4

Virtual Knowledge Sharing Dialogue on Climate Change Webinar, Dec 4

Incentivizing Innovation for National Security Webcast, Dec 4

The Economic Impact of Nitrate Contamination in Drinking Water & A Citizen-Science Dashboard to Monitor Water Quality Webinar, Dec 4

Debunking the myths about automated speed enforcement Webinar, Dec 5

On the Front Lines: Rapid Response Efforts for New Arrivals Webinar, Dec 5

Shaping a Resilient Future for All: Advancing Disability Inclusion for Building Resilience Webinar, Dec 5

Announcing the AHLAN Manual: Celebrate with ECAR, NASH, and Presidents' Alliance Webinar, Dec 5

Welcome.US Information Virtual Session, Dec 5

Getting to the Heart of Youth Transformation—Creating Pathways for Youth Involvement in Violence Reduction Efforts Webinar, Dec 5

Innovation 4 Adaptation: Tackling the climate and hunger emergencies Webinar, Dec 5

Leveraging Small, Local Service Providers for Urban Water and Sanitation Services Webinar, Dec 5

Health Affairs Briefing: Global Lessons From COVID-19 Webinar, Dec 5

Understanding Solar and ESS Technologies: Information for Emergency Responders Webinar, Dec 6

FY24 NIDIS Coping with Drought Informational: LOI Feedback & Application Requirements Webinar, Dec 6

Global Shelter Cluster’s Environmental Engagement Webinar, Dec 6

Assessing Drought in a Changing Climate Webinar, Dec 6

CBRNResponder Updated Mobile App Introduction Webinar, Dec 6

Progress and Possibility: Reflecting on 75 Years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Webcast, Dec 6

Building Technology and Retrofits Webinar, Dec 6

Disaster Mind Simulation Webinar, Dec 6

Violence on Indigenous Lands is Violence on Indigenous Bodies and Futures Webinar, Dec 6

Wildfire Readiness Starts at Home Facebook Live, Dec 6

Building Inclusive Education Systems for Refugees Webinar, Dec 6

Nature-based Solutions Weebinar, Dec 6

FEMA Federal Resume Webinar, Dec 6

FY24 NIDIS Coping with Drought Informational Webinar: LOI Feedback & Application Requirements, Dec 6

Translating Research into Action and Change: A How-to Discussion Webinar, Dec 7

Entry & Mid-Level Female Officers at State Webinar, Dec 7

Stress in Corrections: The “Career Buster” Webinar, Dec 7

Rising Seas and Storm Surges: Climate Change and the Future of Coastal Heritage Webinar, Dec 7

Public Health Informatics Uncovered: An Introduction to the Intersection of Public Health, Information, and Technology Webinar, Dec 7

Emergency Transportable Housing Webinar, Dec 7

Food safety in Kenya: safeguarding consumer’s interest and the role of different actors in the agri-food system Webinar, Dec 7

Making Connections: Exploring Antisemitism in United States History Webinar, Dec 7

Empowering People Working with Youth to Understand and Prevent Racism Webinar, Dec 7

Webinar Update- 12-4-23
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