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Webinar Updates (Apr 8-12)

Webinar Update- 04-08-24
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Bolster Resilience and Restore Trust in the Information Environment Webinar, Apr 8


ChemLock: Introduction to Chemical Security Virtual Training Course, Apr 8


Psychosocial Support for Students in Gaza Webinar, Apr 8


Scam Centres, Ceasefires and Distrust: China-Myanmar Relations Since the Coup Webinar, Apr 8


SMART Resilient Communities Webinar, Apr 8


Sea Secrets Lecture Series 2024 with Brian Soden, Ph.D. Webinar, Apr 9


Wildfire Alert and Warning TA Virtual Workshop, Apr 9


Ecosystem-based Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction Online Course, Apr 9




Gender and Sexuality in Disaster Risk Reduction Webinar, Apr 9


Strengthening Hazard Mitigation in Under-Resourced Communities Webinar, Apr 9


Wildlife and Fire: Perspectives and Effects Webinar, Apr 9


Exploring the Psychology of Emergency Preparedness: The Americas, Canada, Europe and the UK Webinar, Apr 10


Four Shots in the Night Webinar, Apr 10


Wildfire Alert and Warning TA Virtual Workshop, Apr 10


Battery Fires: Before, During, and After the Incident Webinar, Apr 10


Oil Spill Response: Advances in Detection Capabilities Webinar, Apr 10


Fire Service Legislation: Your Role in Advocacy Webinar, Apr 10


Fighting Fire With Data - The National Emergency Response Information System (NERIS) Webinar, Apr 10


Building Resilient Agriculture: Lessons from Island Communities, Webinar, Apr 11



Exploring the Psychology of Emergency Preparedness: Australasia Webinar, Apr 11


Virtual Spy Chat with Chris Costa, Apr 11


Wildfires in Chile: Lessons learned Webinar, Apr 11


Advancing Crisis Communications: Highlighting Models of 911/988 Collaboration Webinar, Apr 11


A Child Rights-Based Approach to Achieving Health Equity Webinar, Apr 11


A Technical Review on Common Myths About Nuclear Energy Webinar, Apr 11



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