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Webinar Updates (Apr 22-27)

Webinar Update- 04-22-24
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Earth Day Hazard Mitigation Plan Webinar, Apr 22


Tornado Vulnerability in the Southeast Webinar, Apr 23


How Ready Is Your Agency to Provide Pediatric Care: Build Your Clinicians' Confidence When Treating Children Webinar, Apr 23


Lessons Learned from the 2023 Hurricane Season and What's New for 2024 Webinar, Apr 23


Region 2 Joint Commission Standards Webinar, Apr 23


Navigating the Seas with Admiral Lisa Franchetti, Chief of Naval Operations of the U.S. Navy Webcast, Apr 23


"American Refuge: True Stories of the Refugee Experience" Virtual Book Event, Apr 24


Student Engagement: Building Positive Relationships to Improve School Safety Knowledge College Webinar, Apr 24


Building Resilience: The Power of Multifactor Authentication in Public Safety Communications Webinar, Apr 24


Global Security Forum 2024: Gathering Strength in a Gathering Storm Webcast, Apr 24


Heading into the 2024 Hurricane Season: What Everyone Needs to Know Webinar, Apr 24


Ocean Encounters: Rising Seas, Resilient Coasts: Understanding, predicting, and adapting to sea level rise Webinar, Apr 24


Learning from the Media: A Conversation with Journalists Webinar, Apr 24


Coastal Connections: Mapping, Modelling and Monitoring Webinar, Apr 24


Empowering Our Future Conservation and Climate Stewards Virtual Event, Apr 24




Tribal Migration: Adapting to Climate Hazards Webinar, Apr 25


Supply Chain Risks and Counterintelligence Webinar, Apr 25


Localisation & Power Shift: Building sustainable solutions with Locallink Hub Webinar, Apr 25


How will Gen AI change Sustainable business Webinar, Apr 25


Virtual Q&A Sessions for the Global Call on Science Missions for Sustainability. Apr 25 & 26


Lost Opportunity: education for out-of-school youth in emergency and protracted crisis settings Webinar, Apr 25


Race & Ethnicity Data on Census Date Webinar, Apr 25


Mapping Global Human Mobility in an Increasingly Complex World Webinar, Apr 25


Trauma-Informed Care for Students in Recovery Webinar, Apr 25


Access to Medical Care & Medical Diagnostic Equipment Best Practices for People with Disabilities Webinar, Apr 25


Florida EMS Webinar, Apr 26


Pediatric Readiness: Critical Step to Pediatric Disaster Preparedness Webinar, Apr 26


CW Regulatory Summit Europe 2024 Webinar, Apr 26


Climate Conversations: Environmental Justice Webinar, Apr 26


UAP or UFO: Critical Infrastructure and Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Webinar, Apr 26


Volunteer Recruitment and Retention Webinar, Apr 27

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