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Webinar Update (March 4-8)

Webinar Update- 03-04-24
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Ukrainians in the EU: What Is Next After the Temporary Protection Directive Webinar, March 4


A conversation with FEMA on changes to federal disaster assistance policies Webinar, March 4


Co-creating action-oriented adaptation research and evidence based action Webinar, March 4


The Difficult Questions About Suicide and How To Ask Them Webinar, March 4


Strengthening Australia-U.S. Defence Industrial Cooperation: Keynote by Deputy Secretary Hugh Jeffrey Webcast, March 5


Fire in Practice - Bruce Farquharson (Scottish Fire and Rescue) Webinar, March 5


Understanding MHPSS and Situational Analysis in Gaza Webinar, March 5


The future of Palestinian politics in the wake of the war on Gaza Webinar, March 5





The Taliban’s Neighbourhood and Regional Diplomacy with Afghanistan Webinar, March 5


Advancement Strategy: The Rise to the Top Transforming Law Enforcement Webinar, March 5


Zero Emission Shipping Fund - Accelerating the Transition to Net Zero Webinar, March 5


Leveraging Digital Technologies to Empower Women Webcast, March 5


What is Digital Accessibility Webinar, March 6


Discussing Dance Data: Impact of the Pandemic on the Financial Structures of Nonprofit Dance Organizations Webinar, March 6


Disaster Medicine in Today’s Environment of Escalating Hazards Webinar, March 6


Greater Manchester: A Local Case Study in Building City Resilience Webinar, March 6


State of the Union Action Hour Webinar, March 6


Empowering Tomorrow: Integrating Asylum Seeker Support into Sustainable Community Solutions Webinar, March 6



Empowering Tomorrow: Integrating Asylum Seeker Support into Sustainable Community Solutions Webinar, March 6


Investing in Women to Advance Gender Equality in Health in the Era of Polycrises Webinar, March 6


Risks and Challenges to Oil and Gas Markets in the Current Middle East Conflict Webinar, March 6


What is needed to make urban MDA effective in the elimination of neglected tropical diseases? Lessons learned from three continents Webinar, March 6


Sounding the alarm on Sudan’s hunger crisis Webinar, March 6


Fire and Traditional Ecological Knowledge in the Lake States Webinar, March 6


Rethinking the U.S. Approach in the Global South Webcast, March 7


Women paying the health cost of the climate crisis Webinar, March 7


Networking for Disaster Management in the Performing Arts Webinar, March 7


#HerVoice_Our Future Webinar, March 7




Operating in the Cave: Medicine Amidst Conflict in Syria Webcast, March 7


Community engagement with armed actors: implications for proactive protection and violence reduction Webcast, March 7


Online Behavior in Threat Assessment Webinar, March 7


RadResponder Pre-Nationwide Drill Webinar, March 7


Women and Research Funding Webinar, March 7


Enhancing School Safety Using Behavioral Threat Assessment Webinar, March 8


EMAP Assessor versus Accreditation Manager: Roles and Responsibilities Webinar, March 8

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