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Webinar Update (Feb 12-16)

Webinar Update- 02-12-24
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How to Use the National Continuous Improvement Guidance Webinar, Feb 12


Engendering Sustainable Peace: Toward a Victim-Centric, Gender Sensitive UN Peacekeeping Framework Webcast, Feb 12


Making Inclusive Websites and Social Media - An Introduction to Web Accessibility Webinar, Feb 13


Event Preparedness: Active Shooters and Hostile Activity at Your Venues Webinar, Feb 13


FY 2024 Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention Grant Forecast Webinar, Feb 13


Nerve Agents and the Role of the SNS Chempack Program Webinar, Feb 13



Protecting Memories: Mitigation and Maintenance for our Nation’s Cemeteries Webinar, Feb 13




2024 State Climate Policy Trends: What’s on the Horizon This Year Webinar, Feb 13


Negotiations to End the War in Gaza: Prospects, Challenges, and Next Steps Webinar, Feb 13


FEMA Exercise Starter Kits Webinar, Feb 13


Oral Fluid Roadside Screening: A Valuable Tool for Law Enforcement Webinar, Feb 13


Security Briefing for the Cultural, Leisure, and Hospitality Sectors, Feb 13: Manchester, UK


Cyberstalking and Cyberbullying Among Teens Webinar, Feb 14


A Climate Toolkit Virtual Workshop: The Inflation Reduction Act for Cultural Institutions, Feb 14


Lessons from the Field: Providing Ongoing Targeted Supports Webinar, Feb 14





How to plan and execute a CERT Rodeo Webinar, Feb 14


ConEdison - Outage Preparation Webinar, Feb 14


Providing Ongoing Targeted Supports Webinar, Feb 14


Providing Ongoing Targeted Supports Webinar, Feb 14


Fundamentals of Tactical Dispatch Virtual Training Course, Feb 14-March 5


Unshakable Sounds: Syrian Women’s Struggle for Rights and Accountability Webcast, Feb 14


Evacuations as Displacement Webinar, Feb 14


IMRF: #SARyouOK? Guidance Webinar, Feb 14


CBRNResponder Special Feature Webinar: Alerting, Feb 14


Connecting the Exercise Cycle and Continuous Improvement Process Webinar, Feb 14



Risk Assessment for Performing Arts Organizations Webinar, Feb 14


How AIDONIC is advancing humanitarian localization Webinar, Feb 15


A Strategy for Countering the Houthi Threat at Sea Webinar, Feb 15


Teen Dating Violence Webinar, Feb 15


Lessons & Examples from 2023’s Breaches & Fines Webinar, Feb 15


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Emergency Management Workforce Virtual Focus Group, Feb 15


The Clear and Present Threat of Chem-Bio and Data and Cyberscientific and Technological Tools and Techniques Webinar, Feb 15


Texas Pediatric Readiness Improvement Project Webinar, Feb 15


2024 Frankenthaler Climate Initiative Webinar, Feb 15


Exploring linkages between Cash and Voucher Assistance and Social Protection in West and Central Africa Webinar, Feb 15


Successfully Bridging the Gap: Eastern US Models of Fire Science and Management Collaboration Webinar, Feb 15


Stakeholders Virtual Briefing on Early Warning for All, Feb 15


Capacity Assessment: Understanding Where We Are to Get to Where We Want to Go Webinar, Feb 15


Emergency Telecommunications Cluster, Let's Net Training Course, deadline to apply is Feb 16


Using Data to Prioritize School-Based CVI efforts Webinar, Feb 16


The War in Ukraine Two Years on: Today’s Challenges and Europe’s Future Webinar, Feb 16


FEMA Individual Assistance Rule Changes Webinar, Feb 16


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